Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rainy Day and Lovin It

Been cool and raining for two days now.
What a great change of weather for us.
My lawn and flowers are lovin it! Me too!

PneNow: as you all know by now, our first day of cycling did happen last night as scheduled. There was a small problem at first and it showed 1% earning instead of 2%, but that's been corrected now.
Also I have a note into the Admin about the dollar amount of our ad2m REN positions. Something still doesn't seem right to me.
And we should have good news also about the maximum number of cycles even though we've already launched. Stay tuned for that!

-- Those of you who have turned ON the auto-repurchase function:
Auto-repurchase is done manually. I have to run a script to do the auto-repurchase. I planning to run the auto-repurchase before next cycling.

CenturionProfits: just got paid! Thanks Keith.
Told ya he was fast with payouts, lol

ACX and acx-CP: received my payouts from yesterday and noticed the pay processors were opening again today. About 5:15 my time, Mountain time USA.

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