Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Up, Down and Testing

As you may be aware, the Keystone site has been down most of the day. It's being worked on and should be back soon.

Dear member,
We are aware of the site being down right now and apologize for the inconvenience. Our technical team is working to resolve this as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.
KLD Admin

* UPDATE: am told the site is up but not for me yet. So must be propagating still in my area. Sitting tight.

Everything else is Up and doing fine.
Haven't tried the green light in ACX today though. Might do that after I wash dishes, lol
- Somebody remind me to save my money for a wireless modem. It's been 3 hours since a green light appeared and I would much rather be watching TV than this screen. Argh!
- Also been getting notices that my "panels" are filling but they're filling the ones mostly empty, not mostly full.
- OH Green Light! Open for like 2 seconds. Now who in the world get type in the amount and captcha code that fast? Lord give me strength.

Testing yes. Been testing something that you'll be happy about when it's working. Will let you know.

You'll never guess where my kids were last night.
Looks like the Broncos Car Wash to me. (sorry Raiders)

But while they were out having fun, I was watching Olivia having fun with her.
Get this... she just turned 3 in July. When it was bedtime I said "where's your diapers?"
Now she's been potty trained for awhile, but not at bedtime. So after she let me search for about 5 minutes she said "I don't wear diapers anymore. Diapers are for babies." Even at night? "Yep." And her Mom later confirmed. Incredible!


Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

I checked in this morning with
Xpress and watched the dang
"green light" for awhile.

Two opened and closed without
the green light coming on ...
I guess for split seconds.

Others are just attempting
withdraws at random times and
get lucky I was informed.

I was wondering..OK... I'm not doing this. Time for a Timmies

At this moment..blank screen
with the Keystone so it's on the
way back I'm figuring.


Anonymous said...

hahaha..at least it was only 5 minutes:)