Friday, September 13, 2013

Still In Jeopardy

(Picture from Estes Park.
Not too far from me.)

Had a scare last night when we got a reverse 911 call telling us there may be a problem with the dam close by and to be ready to evacuate although it was not mandatory.

Our local dam, only a couple of miles from my place was holding but overflowing and caused the creek to reach extremely high levels.

Well that creek is right across the street from me so of course I've been on edge all day. Went to check it out and it's high but still a few feet from the top. The bad news is, the rain is not over yet. Supposed to rain today and over the weekend.

Just for the record, we've averaged 16" of rain in our area since Monday. Normal rain fall for the month of September is 1".

6:30 PM my time... National Guard helicopters flying by. They're coming in to help. Watching them go by in batches of three :)

PneNow: another smooth evening of cycling last night and have seen several payments posted in forums already. Congrats!
Also I believe the Admin may be shifting from adding payza to adding EgoPay instead. Good move IMO and should bring in another good crowd. Thumbs Up!

CenturionProfits: Admin announced payments were done for the weekend so if you request one now, you may not see it until Monday.

AdClickXpress (both of em): the other news for day yesterday was the Restart (now called Xpressshift) of the ACX programs. I haven't really checked my account yet but heard it's not as bad as I would have thought. Will go check now.

OK, previously called ClickPaid:
Percentage of Ad Packs Converted to Ad Panels (ACP): 35.00%
And the original ACX, the same:
Percentage of Ad Packs Converted to Ad Panels (ACP): 35.00%

Well can't complain too much since I know these Restarts are necessary to keep things running. Plus I was surprised at the amount of others who are jumping back in and doing some purchasing of Ad Packs right away. So I guess I'll follow the pack this time and see where it leads us.


Profit Hub said...

Please be careful Blondie. Don't get swept away. I know you are smart enough to go find shelter for yourself, hubby, and the animals. I hope the dam doesn't overflow. Take care of yourself and your family.

blondie said...

Thanks Sweetie :)

My son called this morning and said "you still have key to my house?"
Yes I do and if that creek overflows, expect company for dinner!

So far so good and if it doesn't rain again tonight, we might be out of the woods.

Thanks for thinking of me Gwen.

HermitJim said...

I've been thinking about ya, girl! If my internet would stay on for a while, I'd be checking on ya more!

You could always come down to Texas and stay for a while!

blondie said...

Hey Jim :)
Internet problems? sheesh

Thanks for checking on me and we have 2 more days of rain in our forecast, not a good sign.

Texas? You have more tornadoes than I do and our flood was a 100 year flood so not expecting that again before I leave here.

Hope all is well with you too.
Chat soon :)