Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 50

Today is our 50th day this year with Temp's in the 90's. It sure has been a long hot summer and quite honestly, I'm sick of it.
Bring in the Fall weather. Heck, even some snow would be welcome at this point.

CenturionProfits: per Admin:
All payouts done :)
To all members, 
Just a quick note we will be slower this week with withdrawals and we are going out of town for the next 5 days.  So please, do not panic if you do not receive your withdrawals as quickly as they have been lately.  We will catch back up if we fall behind on Monday or Tuesday next week.
CenturionProfits Admin


Pnenow: Updates and Reminders:
- Positions bought now will start earning 2% Daily starting on Sept 10th for 300 days.
- If you have a referral that is not showing in your referral list, have them check their member area where it says: My Sponsor:
If it's showing Admin, they can send in a support ticket to have that corrected.
- There is a re-purchase button in the member area for those who have a balance (those with RC) and wish to repurchase.
- You do NOT receive the bonus ad2m position for re-purchases.
- Former members of ad2million can renew one ad2m position for each new (via STP) Pnenow position they purchase, until Sept 25th.
- Do you remember this from the old site?
* Click to turn On auto repurchase
Once that is turned ON it is locked ON for 7 Days!
You can't just turn it ON and OFF so be sure of your decision before turning it ON.

PS, if you were in ad2million and had referrals, but are not interested in joining Pnenow, do them a favor and let them know this program is starting up. I'm sure they will appreciate it. Thx


Mark said...

Am looking forward to "Lovin Spoonfuls" of Pnenow cycling :-)

blondie said...

Me too Mark :)
Thanks for joining and
Have a great day!