Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's a Bird... It's a Plane...

It's Sunshine !!!

What a nice change of scenery from the rain and clouds and flooding waters on the news every day. Not to mention my TV is quiet... no more Emergency Broadcast Alerts.
The storms over the past week have been devastating and it will take years to rebuild what was lost. The count as of today is 20,000 homes that were destroyed in the floods.
So TG that the little stream here on my block didn't overflow with those same waters. Thanks to our local dam and our city for controlling the water coming down the creek, I'm still here.

Pnenow: as you all know we skipped a day of cycling and payouts yesterday due to the STP maintenance. I do hope everything is back in order today and we can start again from where we left off.

UPDATE: that's been extended one more day. Admin still cannot process payouts so cycling has been postponed until 9/18. He will contact STP first thing tomorrow and find out how to correct it.

Side note: I am expecting payments from 2 other programs via STP which I have not received yet either so the problem must be widespread.

SolidTrustPay: not 100% back to normal yet but I am seeing payments go out from some of our programs. There may still be some glitches they need to work out but happy to report, it's getting there :)

Was gonna write about ACX but I'm a bit irritated right now so best hold off until I can accept it.

But I did just receive 2 payments via Payza from the 2 different ACX's so I guess I just need to chill out for the night.


Brian said...

Hi Judy,
Good, glad you survived the flooding with no damages but it must have been scary. Sorry to hear so many people lost homes and a number of lives.

blondie said...

It was very scary Brian,
Hearing sirens and helicopters and those dang TV alerts never let me relax. Was on edge all week.
Yeah, I'm glad it's over too but now those poor people who got hit have a long road ahead of them.

Randy V said...

I'm glad the danger is over and you are safe. I know the tough part now is the recovery and people being able to get back to some kind of normal. I know it was also tough just fearing what might come next. I'm glad that you don't have that fear anymore.

Have a great week!

blondie said...

Hey Randy,
Woke up to a beautiful sunrise today with pinkish/orange colored clouds over the mountains. Made me feel like a new person.
Unfortunately we're expecting a little rain today which should be it for awhile.
But at this point, any is too much.
Have a good hump day!