Monday, September 9, 2013

Last Call For Early Birds

But first I want to Wish a Big Happy Birthday to my daughter-in-law Jessica. I couldn't ask for a sweeter addition to our little family and I'm sure my son and Olivia agree with that too!
Happy Birthday Jess...
You Birthday Star You! :)
See you tonight!

PneNow: last day for early bird purchasers to get in on the 300 cycle offer. Starting tomorrow (I believe) new purchases will cycle 200 times. Still a great deal if you ask me.
- If you were a member of ad2million and completed the information about your ad2m account but your bonus positions aren't showing or activated yet, a support ticket will do the trick.
- All the current news is in your member area once you're registered.
Good Luck to you all and happy cycling!

Just heard back from Admin:
Cycling will start tomorrow night around 10:00 PM eastern time.

Since I have to leave here shortly and don't want to leave you hanging... if you have any further questions about Pnenow you can always check the MMG Thread that was started by my friend Wesley. He's been very active in the thread and is staying on top of things there.


Randy V said...

Hey Judy;

Lawson Hayes Verdell arrived this morning at 7:57. He weighed 8 lbs 3 oz and is 20 3/4 inches. He is a beautiful boy with a lot of hair..I mean a lot.

It really went perfect today and I'm really blessed.

Hope you have a great week!

blondie said...

Randy Randy!
Big Congrats to you Grandpa!
That's what, #4 now or is it 5?

Glad to hear everything went well with Lawson and Mom :)

Yes we are blessed with the little ones. Congrats again!

Randy V said...

Thanks Judy.

Lawson makes # 5. Josh has three and now Jordan has two...three boys and two girls. I am really blessed.

I know you know the feeling of how special they really are.

Have a great day!

blondie said...

Saw his picture in facebook too!
That is one good lookin baby!
Enjoy your week :)