Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Looks Good

Pnenow: was not supposed to cycle all positions last night, but did. So tonight only positions bought today will cycle. Then starting Tues we'll be back to cycling the way the update was written for "Positions Cycling Adjustment".

Keystone Loans Division: has been up and running for several hours now! About time they got that handled, lol. Anyway surfing is working great and today starts another week of our M-F earning days.
Now thinking about the September Specials... I wonder if that will be extended because of our downtime? I'll send a note to Admin about that. SEE BELOW *

Centurion Profits: waiting on a payment that I requested last week which would normally come today. But thinking about the STP double & triple payment problems from last week may cause a delay. Admin could be doing extra checking and adjustments before sending any new ones out.

AdHitProfits: is starting a gigantic referral contest which pays out a LOT to the winners. Check it in your member area after you log in. See "Do More Challenge" under the Treasure Chest.

AdClickXpress: trying for a green light right now. Wish me Luck.

* KLD News and Sales Updates:

Dear Members,

The measures taken by our technical department last week did not seem to deter the attackers for long. We were faced with one of two options. Wait it out or upgrade to a higher protection level. To protect KLD from the size of the attack launched on the website recently, would have cost us in excess of $3000 per month which we did not see as a viable option. After extensive negotiations, we have come to a better arrangement with our current provider and we sincerely hope to put this behind us as we move forward to becoming the most effective advertising platform available.

As you will have also noticed on two days during last week earnings were not credited. On those two days the attack was excessive and many members were unable to log in and do their required surfing in order to earn rebates. Thankfully we have a great supportive member base thus far and have not received any complaints. If you did not know this already, ad tokens are set to earn! a percentage return instead of a certain amount of days so in essence nobody is losing anything except those with active memberships or ads on the site.

Despite the downtime there has been a tremendous interest in KLD and we have received many inquiries about advertising on the site as well as memberships. 

We are offering all members with ads the option to submit a support ticket and request their ads and memberships be extended for a full 7 days free of charge to compensate for the downtime. Also, since there wasn't much time for members to take advantage of the introductory specials, they are being extended until Sunday, the 13th of October.

To help your promoting efforts we have added a new banner. Also remember to tell your prospects that all new members receive 100 free credits and they can earn more simply by surfing every day.

Thank You,
KLD Admin


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