Sunday, September 8, 2013

Heat Wave

Day 54 of 90+F temperature today. But the good news is, starting tomorrow we should be in the 80's for the entire week. Whew!
Now if I lived in Florida, California or Vegas I'd be used to it and have air conditioning. But I don't, so will try to sweat it out one more day.

PneNow: I see we're up to 331 members which is good but was hoping to see bigger numbers than that. Well, it is the weekend and I'm also thinking once Payza is added (or EgoPay, been hinting at Admin about that) we'll see those stats pick up quite a bit.
And don't forget, we've got 2 more leader pre-launch days to earn the maximum from the start. But even after that, 2% daily for 200 cycles is nothing to sneeze at.

* Just received a great comment posted below from one of my friends 'gooch' about this program. Might want to click on that and have a read if you've been sitting on the fence so far.
Thanks gooch :)


Anonymous said...

I joined the PneNow as soon as I read about it on your blog. As you know I was in ad2million as well as 10dollarWonder. Didn't like the way they ended but I came out ahead on both of those. I am glad to get in before the launch and investing as much as I can afford. This is an amazing opportunity and a way to get something more from ad2million. I hope that more people will realize this is the time to jump in and make some money.

blondie said...

Hey thanks for posting gooch :)

Nice to hear good stuff from members and not just me, lol

Yes we did do well in those last two even though I was cut short at the end. It was fun and profitable while it lasted.

Good Luck to you!!