Saturday, September 7, 2013

The PneNow 500 Member Challenge!

Saw that subject line yesterday and asked the sender if it was OK for me to use it too. It's a great idea and a great goal.

PneNOW is close to 300 members and could easily get to 500 if each member shared with just one other person.

- We are at the beginning of Pnenow.
- Official launch is September 10th.
- We will start earning 2% daily after launch.
- More members mean more positions and more positions means more profit for all of us in the long run.

Not hard to do and no daily surfing is required. (Although you will want to submit your advertising URL after you join.)
And don't forget about the bonus positions if you were an ad2million member. Easy to get started and easy to earn.

Sure would be great if everyone pitched in and shared with someone else :)

OK gotta run for a bit but will be back soon.


Will B said...

Hiya blondie, I couldn't stay away from Pnenow, so I'm a paid up member now. Happy Sunday, Will.

blondie said...

Hey Will,
Glad to see you come out of your summer hibernation for this :)
Nice blog update too.
Good Luck of course and hope for a good time here.