Friday, September 27, 2013

Meant to post earlier but...

Caught a cold so I feel like crap.
My cat hurt himself yesterday and was limping last night and just wanted to sleep. Well he slept fine but I didn't worrying about him all night.
This morning he seemed much better but then my cable TV went out. After two phone calls and replacing the cable line, it's back on.
It's raining here, snowing in the mountains and it's cold, so I wonder if the rain will turn to snow tonight down here too?
And last but certainly not least, today is three years since my (our) friend John passed away. Doesn't seem like that long yet sometimes it seems way longer. Miss you js. I wouldn't be blogging if it wasn't for you.

So bottom line is, I've just been having trouble getting it together today and I'm sure you understand why.

Pnenow: doing great but pay attention when withdrawing since EgoPay comes up first now. If you purchased through STP, please be sure to change the pay processor in the drop down menu before requesting.

Keystone: site is still up and down so lets just let it run it's course as far as the attack goes. Should be up and stable very soon.

Centurion: requested a cash out today. Thanks in advance.

AdClickXpress: the last thing I need right now is to sit here and wait for a green light for the pay processor of choice in order to cash out. And when it appears, it's only green for a few seconds.
Here's something I've tried and it worked for me yesterday.
- log into your account and open your wallet.
- select which pay processor you want to withdraw to.
- go through the motions of withdrawing but don't press confirm.
open the green light screen (in a separate window) and wait for that pay processor to give you the ringtone and turn green.
- as soon as it does, click back to your withdraw screen and Confirm.
It worked for me yesterday and will try it again now. IF I can sit here that long that is. I have a meatloaf in the oven so hope it comes on before that is done.
Oh and you might have to renew the captcha code from time to time cause I heard it does expire after awhile. How long? Not sure.
Good Luck and I hope you're doing well.

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