Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last Full Day of Summer

Believe it or not, after all that rain last week my veggie garden looked dry. So outside I go watering hoping to get a few more red tomatoes and peppers before our Autumn kicks in. Heck, it's sunny and in the mid 80's F here today. Yet those poor folks who were caught in the flood are still shoveling mud and debris off their lots. So sad.

Tonight will be my 10th cycling day at PneNow which means $4 back on each $20 purchase so far.
Admin is waiting for EgoPay approval and once that's given, we should see the EgoPay button live on the site.
Up to 540 Members and growing.
Everyone seems happy (including me) from what I can tell :)

Be sure to see yesterday's note about CenturionProfits.
I added it late in the day but if you use STP you should read it.

AdClickXpress: WTF is this? 

That's happened to several members today when they try to purchase Ad Packs or withdraw.
I'm sure it's just some sort of glitch but Hello! I don't think that's the way to entice members to be active. Sheesh


Anonymous said...

Do you remember my MMG post a few weeks back? I had the same problem when I tried to buy ad packages too fast one after the other, because I bought some from referral balance and some from ad packages balance. Did you do the same today?

blondie said...

It wasn't me that had the problem but one of my friends who sent me the screen shot said:

"I was trying to purchase from ad pack balance after cycling today. Yesterday I purchased from RC balance."

So nope, the glitch must be getting worse.
Thanks for the note.