Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Looks Good

Pnenow: was not supposed to cycle all positions last night, but did. So tonight only positions bought today will cycle. Then starting Tues we'll be back to cycling the way the update was written for "Positions Cycling Adjustment".

Keystone Loans Division: has been up and running for several hours now! About time they got that handled, lol. Anyway surfing is working great and today starts another week of our M-F earning days.
Now thinking about the September Specials... I wonder if that will be extended because of our downtime? I'll send a note to Admin about that. SEE BELOW *

Centurion Profits: waiting on a payment that I requested last week which would normally come today. But thinking about the STP double & triple payment problems from last week may cause a delay. Admin could be doing extra checking and adjustments before sending any new ones out.

AdHitProfits: is starting a gigantic referral contest which pays out a LOT to the winners. Check it in your member area after you log in. See "Do More Challenge" under the Treasure Chest.

AdClickXpress: trying for a green light right now. Wish me Luck.

* KLD News and Sales Updates:

Dear Members,

The measures taken by our technical department last week did not seem to deter the attackers for long. We were faced with one of two options. Wait it out or upgrade to a higher protection level. To protect KLD from the size of the attack launched on the website recently, would have cost us in excess of $3000 per month which we did not see as a viable option. After extensive negotiations, we have come to a better arrangement with our current provider and we sincerely hope to put this behind us as we move forward to becoming the most effective advertising platform available.

As you will have also noticed on two days during last week earnings were not credited. On those two days the attack was excessive and many members were unable to log in and do their required surfing in order to earn rebates. Thankfully we have a great supportive member base thus far and have not received any complaints. If you did not know this already, ad tokens are set to earn! a percentage return instead of a certain amount of days so in essence nobody is losing anything except those with active memberships or ads on the site.

Despite the downtime there has been a tremendous interest in KLD and we have received many inquiries about advertising on the site as well as memberships. 

We are offering all members with ads the option to submit a support ticket and request their ads and memberships be extended for a full 7 days free of charge to compensate for the downtime. Also, since there wasn't much time for members to take advantage of the introductory specials, they are being extended until Sunday, the 13th of October.

To help your promoting efforts we have added a new banner. Also remember to tell your prospects that all new members receive 100 free credits and they can earn more simply by surfing every day.

Thank You,
KLD Admin


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Glad That Sundays Are Quiet

Still fighting with my cold but I expect it to last for another week or more. So today I stocked up on vitamin C, cough syrup, cough drops, tea & honey, tissues and of course NyQuil.

- Pnenow: reminder: no cycling on weekends unless you bought new positions. See yesterdays post for details.
- Later in the day: Oops (giggle)
News update 09/29/13 - cycling swap;
cycling swap;
Our cycling scripts accidentally cycled all positions on Sunday. The cycling on Monday 9/30/13 will be those positions purchased on Monday 9/30/13 only. This is an one time only situation.

- Keystone: poor thing. Site is still up and down so we wait.

- AdClickXpress: thanks to my Cat, I got lucky again this morning and hit a green light for withdraw. I had the w/d screen all filled out and ready to hit confirm and left the room. When I checked back the screen had changed. Dang Cat walked over my keyboard again! So I had to sit down, reopen my browser then heard the ringtone. Not even checking which pay processor it was, I hit confirm and got it!
Treats for kitty tonight :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Roller Coaster Ride

Sure has been a roller coaster ride this week with the Keystone opening.

One could only assume that if it's worth attacking, it must be worth something special.

Well I'm in and happy that I made that choice.

The site is up now but has been up and down all day. So once it's stable, I'll definitely have more to talk about.

BTW, I did manage to get a withdraw request in while it was up earlier and have been paid already.

Good Job Admin! Hang in there.

Pnenow: there's a new update in the member area:

Position cycling adjutment;
To encourage participation on Saturday and Sunday (slower days), only the new positions form Saturday will cycle on Saturday. All positions will cycle on Saturday When our membership reach 2,000only the new positions form Saturday and Sunday will cycle on Sunday. All positions will cycle on Sunday When our membership reach 5,000.

So if you didn't purchase any NEW positions today, you will not see any cycling tonight. Same goes for tomorrow. Only NEW positions purchased over the weekend will cycle on the weekend.

I certainly understand why he made this change since we're dealing with an Admin who doesn't want a program to last a month or less. He's in this for the long haul and so am I. And I do appreciate him keeping an eye on the numbers and making changes as he sees fit. Thanks Chung :)

Speaking of roller coaster rides, here's a cool video my friend Paul just sent me... Things I Can't Do. Wow!
(might want to full screen it to get the whole picture)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Meant to post earlier but...

Caught a cold so I feel like crap.
My cat hurt himself yesterday and was limping last night and just wanted to sleep. Well he slept fine but I didn't worrying about him all night.
This morning he seemed much better but then my cable TV went out. After two phone calls and replacing the cable line, it's back on.
It's raining here, snowing in the mountains and it's cold, so I wonder if the rain will turn to snow tonight down here too?
And last but certainly not least, today is three years since my (our) friend John passed away. Doesn't seem like that long yet sometimes it seems way longer. Miss you js. I wouldn't be blogging if it wasn't for you.

So bottom line is, I've just been having trouble getting it together today and I'm sure you understand why.

Pnenow: doing great but pay attention when withdrawing since EgoPay comes up first now. If you purchased through STP, please be sure to change the pay processor in the drop down menu before requesting.

Keystone: site is still up and down so lets just let it run it's course as far as the attack goes. Should be up and stable very soon.

Centurion: requested a cash out today. Thanks in advance.

AdClickXpress: the last thing I need right now is to sit here and wait for a green light for the pay processor of choice in order to cash out. And when it appears, it's only green for a few seconds.
Here's something I've tried and it worked for me yesterday.
- log into your account and open your wallet.
- select which pay processor you want to withdraw to.
- go through the motions of withdrawing but don't press confirm.
open the green light screen (in a separate window) and wait for that pay processor to give you the ringtone and turn green.
- as soon as it does, click back to your withdraw screen and Confirm.
It worked for me yesterday and will try it again now. IF I can sit here that long that is. I have a meatloaf in the oven so hope it comes on before that is done.
Oh and you might have to renew the captcha code from time to time cause I heard it does expire after awhile. How long? Not sure.
Good Luck and I hope you're doing well.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

On and Off Again??

PneNow: did you see the news yesterday about EgoPay? I'm really happy he got that going and once it's completely automated, less work for Admin. Of course I made a few new purchases through Ego myself :)
Oh and don't forget he extended the ad2m bonus cut-off date also!

Keystone: I see it's down again. Probably another ddos attack. I don't get it. Why can't everyone just play nice and leave other programs alone? Just because this one is down doesn't mean I'm going to another one to play. Such silly jealousy out there.

7 PM my time, the site is back up. Sure hope it stays up now.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Good News Day

Keystone Loans Division: site is back up and looking good!
Thanks Admin!!  And don't forget to surf ;)

Dear Member,

Our technical department has restored access to the website. You will notice no earnings have been credited for the 24th of September. Earnings will however be credited tonight if you have completed your required surfing obligations as per your membership level.

Those who have purchased memberships or ads please submit a ticket and request they be extended to compensate for the downtime.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kali Mack
KLD Admin


Pnenow: EgoPay has been added although purchases need to be manually approved until further notice. So give it some time to clear before viewing in your account.
More good news is on the site now!

News update 09/25/13 - EgoPay ready; ad2m renew extended to 10/05/13; Testimonials; 


EgoPay is now ready. However, your EgoPay positions may take a few hours to post to your account. We are still working on the position auto booking. If you purchase with SolidTrustPay, your SolidTrustPay positions are posted automatically by our sytem. 

Ad2m positions renew extended to 10/05/13;

Ad2m positions renew is extended to 10/05/13. Which it will allow those members using EgoPay have more time make purchase. Act now to take advantage of great promotion offers 


Please spend a little time and submit your testimonials. This is the best way to promote your business. The more we grow the more you will earn.

CenturionProfits: just received an STP payment from CP... twice. Of course I refunded the 2nd one. Thanks Keith and hope you get that problem fixed soon.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Up, Down and Testing

As you may be aware, the Keystone site has been down most of the day. It's being worked on and should be back soon.

Dear member,
We are aware of the site being down right now and apologize for the inconvenience. Our technical team is working to resolve this as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.
KLD Admin

* UPDATE: am told the site is up but not for me yet. So must be propagating still in my area. Sitting tight.

Everything else is Up and doing fine.
Haven't tried the green light in ACX today though. Might do that after I wash dishes, lol
- Somebody remind me to save my money for a wireless modem. It's been 3 hours since a green light appeared and I would much rather be watching TV than this screen. Argh!
- Also been getting notices that my "panels" are filling but they're filling the ones mostly empty, not mostly full.
- OH Green Light! Open for like 2 seconds. Now who in the world get type in the amount and captcha code that fast? Lord give me strength.

Testing yes. Been testing something that you'll be happy about when it's working. Will let you know.

You'll never guess where my kids were last night.
Looks like the Broncos Car Wash to me. (sorry Raiders)

But while they were out having fun, I was watching Olivia having fun with her.
Get this... she just turned 3 in July. When it was bedtime I said "where's your diapers?"
Now she's been potty trained for awhile, but not at bedtime. So after she let me search for about 5 minutes she said "I don't wear diapers anymore. Diapers are for babies." Even at night? "Yep." And her Mom later confirmed. Incredible!

Monday, September 23, 2013


When I think Keystone, my first thought was


Then it was
night skiing at

and last but not least... Keystone light :)

But none of those are the Keystones I want to talk about today.

Just launched: Keystone Loans Division

Your Leading Online Advertising Network Solution 
Providing you with effective advertising that takes your business to new heights!

The home page is easy to read and gets straight to the point. You need to advertise anyway so why not get a return on your purchases?

There are three plans to choose from which are listed on the right side of the home page and your earnings depend on which plan you select.

There is also a "vacation" membership that you can purchase if you are not interested in doing the daily M-F surfing. However members are not required to purchase a membership. You can be a free member and still earn a rebate for each business day you do the required surfing.

There's a nice long list of FAQ's and everything is explained very well.

- Rebates are 1.4%, 1.6% or 1.9% (business days).
- Pay Processors: PerfectMoney, EgoPay or SolidTrustPay.
- You get 100 free credits just to register.
- Only one account allowed per person - per computer.
- Uses the e-wallet feature and minimum deposit is $10.
- How to make an Ad Token Purchase? See #27 in the FAQ's.
- Also see #28 on how to redeposit funds earned rather than withdrawing.
- There are small fees for depositing funds.
- Earnings are credited at 12:00 AM EST server time.
- Minimum withdraw requests are $1.00 and there is a small fee when receiving to PerfectMoney.
- There is No repurchase rule.
- For those who promote: get 5% RC from your level 1's external purchases.
- Elite members earn RC on 2 levels (see #43 in faq's).
- You must have an Active Ad Token to earn RC.

Yes this is a Paid To Surf / Paid To Advertise site.
If you want to advertise and earn rebates without having to surf, that's what the "vacation" membership is for.
Surfing can be done any time of the day, as long as it's before midnight EST when the rebates are credited.

When registering, if it shows "referred by = Admin", that can be changed manually on the same line. Would appreciate if you used blondie.

OK so what did I forget? anything?
Oh I now... this one does have my seal of approval :)
So gimme a holler with questions or sign up and start earning. That's what we're all here for, right?

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Been busy with some offline stuff today but I'll be back tomorrow.
Hope you have a good Sunday, what's left of it that is :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last Full Day of Summer

Believe it or not, after all that rain last week my veggie garden looked dry. So outside I go watering hoping to get a few more red tomatoes and peppers before our Autumn kicks in. Heck, it's sunny and in the mid 80's F here today. Yet those poor folks who were caught in the flood are still shoveling mud and debris off their lots. So sad.

Tonight will be my 10th cycling day at PneNow which means $4 back on each $20 purchase so far.
Admin is waiting for EgoPay approval and once that's given, we should see the EgoPay button live on the site.
Up to 540 Members and growing.
Everyone seems happy (including me) from what I can tell :)

Be sure to see yesterday's note about CenturionProfits.
I added it late in the day but if you use STP you should read it.

AdClickXpress: WTF is this? 

That's happened to several members today when they try to purchase Ad Packs or withdraw.
I'm sure it's just some sort of glitch but Hello! I don't think that's the way to entice members to be active. Sheesh

Friday, September 20, 2013

TGIF and ...

PneNow: today is the last day to get the max 300 cycles from your purchase or repurchase. I sent a note to Admin asking about the cutoff time and he said:
"tomorrow morning, since some country is in different time zone."

CenturionProfits: requested a payout today and should see that soon. Thanks in advance Keith!
* Evening Update:
STP had a glitch and almost all pending cashouts were paid double. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do now that it has happened. Just wanted to let you all know. A few thousand in payouts went out today instead of around of a thousand. Guess STP still has a few glitches. Also refunded a few pending cashouts that STP would not recognize so you may try again. 
Besides that, all is ok for now and caught up for the weekend.
NOTE: if you received double payment via STP, it's very easy to do the right thing and hit the refund button for the doubled one.

AdClickXpress: was a little surprised this morning while waiting for the Green Light "Ringtone" to slap me in the face and say "wake up blondie", I managed to catch one of the pay processors open and made a withdrawal request. Now that doesn't always happen that easy so I am definitely counting my blessings for that.
Requested at 9:31 AM
Received at 4:51 PM - Thank You ACX

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Little Hiccup in PneNow

PneNow: if any of you have noticed an "extra" day of cycling in your account, here's what happened...
One night during the cycling process there was a server time out. Once noticed and corrected, the cycling started again. There were a few positions that got cycled twice that night but not enough for the Admin to spend his time to fix it.
So for those of you who received that 1 extra cycle, consider it a gift and enjoy the extra funds.
Also thanks to those who reported it :)

PS, cycling did start up again last night so we should all be back on track now. And before you ask, I was not one of the ones who received the extra cycle.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back In Business

PneNow: Member count almost to 500
And good news about the STP maintenance:

News update 09/18/13 
STP glitch fixed; EgoPay; 300 times_cycled; Testimonials; 

STP glitch fixed;
STP glitch fixed. You may purchase now. The payout and positions cycling process is now resume normal.

Many members recommended to use hastle free EgoPay instead of Payza. We are in the process of setting up the EgoPay instead of Payza. If you have fund in the Payza, you can trade in with EgoPay.

300 times_cycled;
The 300 times_cycled promotion will end on 9/20/13. Ad2m positions renew will end on 9/26/13. Act now to take advantage of great promotion offers.

It is time to submit your testimonials. This is the best way to promote your business. The more we grow the more you will earn.

There was an additional glitch this morning with purchases and RC showing more than once. Admin caught it and it's all been adjusted now.

CenturionProfits: paid again yesterday, STP this time. Since I have funds in both Ego and STP, and you can only request one cash out per day... that explains two days in a row for a payment. Thanks Keith :)

AdClickXpress: did you guys read the requirements for becoming (or staying as) a VIP member?

Here is the current criterion:
Funding: $1,500 on a rolling 90 day basis for member
$5,000 total funding from First and Second level referrals
combined on a 90 day rolling basis.

Well... I am not a VIP member any longer. They took it away. But you know, I need to eat and pay my bills and can't afford to risk $1500. Oh well.

Took advantage of a dry sunny afternoon to fertilize my soggy lawn. Right when I was done the wind kicked up hard, like a tornado. Oh no! Usually high winds mean more rain! Well if it brings a few drops that would be OK but no more than that... please!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's a Bird... It's a Plane...

It's Sunshine !!!

What a nice change of scenery from the rain and clouds and flooding waters on the news every day. Not to mention my TV is quiet... no more Emergency Broadcast Alerts.
The storms over the past week have been devastating and it will take years to rebuild what was lost. The count as of today is 20,000 homes that were destroyed in the floods.
So TG that the little stream here on my block didn't overflow with those same waters. Thanks to our local dam and our city for controlling the water coming down the creek, I'm still here.

Pnenow: as you all know we skipped a day of cycling and payouts yesterday due to the STP maintenance. I do hope everything is back in order today and we can start again from where we left off.

UPDATE: that's been extended one more day. Admin still cannot process payouts so cycling has been postponed until 9/18. He will contact STP first thing tomorrow and find out how to correct it.

Side note: I am expecting payments from 2 other programs via STP which I have not received yet either so the problem must be widespread.

SolidTrustPay: not 100% back to normal yet but I am seeing payments go out from some of our programs. There may still be some glitches they need to work out but happy to report, it's getting there :)

Was gonna write about ACX but I'm a bit irritated right now so best hold off until I can accept it.

But I did just receive 2 payments via Payza from the 2 different ACX's so I guess I just need to chill out for the night.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Says It All

Today is hopefully our last day of scattered rain showers. My back yard is already squishy again from the last rain so let's hope the next predicted round or two is mild.

SolidTrustPay: down for maintenance so no worries if you're waiting on payment from anyone.
3:00 PM MST: site is back and most can login but not fully functional yet. Patience.

PneNow: 6 days of cycling completed which gives us $2.40 return on each of our Ad purchases so far.
An UPDATE was added to my post late yesterday so try not to miss it, it's a good one :)
NOTE: until STP has completed their maintenance, no payments can go in or out of Pnenow. So cycling and payments will resume tomorrow. It's in the News update on the site, but that's how I read it.

CenturionProfits: since it's Monday I requested a payment from CP today and was paid in a matter of minutes! Love those record breaking payments! Thanks Keith :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Rain Continues

Had to show you one more...

The Town Hall building didn't used to be right next to the General Store. It was moved by the flood waters and obviously got stopped by the store.
The worse news is, it's raining right now and those who were allowed to go back into their homes in Boulder are now being evacuated again. Oh my :(

PneNow: was surprised to receive an STP payout this morning from Pnenow. Perhaps he'll do them on weekends for a while to get the ball rolling. Thanks Chung!
Also last night before our cycling occurred, I did purchase another couple of handfuls of advertising positions. Guess I'm trying to get the ball rolling myself, lol

News update 09/15/13 
EgoPay; 300 times_cycled; Testimonials; STP info; 

Many members recommended to use hastle free EgoPay instead of Payza. We are in the process of setting up the EgoPay instead of Payza. If you have fund in the Payza, you can trade in with EgoPay. 

300 times_cycled;
The 300 times_cycled promotion will end on 9/20/13. Ad2m positions renew will end on 9/26/13. Act now to take advantage of great promotion offers 

It is time to submit your testimonials. This is the best way to promote your business. The more we grow the more you will earn. 

STP info;
Please click on Profile button to make sure your STP username info is correct. We are not responsible for sending your payout to the wrong STP username. 

AdClickXpress: with regards to the "green light" withdrawal request I got in yesterday... it was requested at 12:45 PM and received (paid) at 5:08 PM MST. That's got to be some kind of record for them!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rain Continues Today and Tomorrow

As you can see, Colorado isn't very pretty right now.
I've been watching the National Guard helicopters fly by all day still on a search and rescue mission. With close to 200 still unaccounted for, you know this will be going on for awhile. It'll take some time for this water to recede or soak into the already saturated soil. And again today we have more rain coming (starting right now) and expected to rain tomorrow also. Not as much as earlier in the week but anything is too much at this point.

PneNow: I see some knuckleheads in forums already trying to cause trouble with the program. Sheesh. Not sure why they think that is necessary.
I know my readers here have been around for awhile and have played the majority of these games successfully. Of course we win some, we lose some, but we never Advertise using money that we can't afford to lose, right?

So with that said, I am really happy with the start of PneNow and noticed that we just hit member #450. That's a pretty good number for a new program and I'm sure once EgoPay (I hope) is added we'll see the count jump again.

A few folks have asked me for my strategy in this one. Oh I dunno. Maybe once it's stops raining I can shake my head (like a wet dog) and get my mind working again. It's been hard.

AdClickXpress: did you all see the shiny new green lights? Yuck! Well they're not new but they're still yuck IMO. Yes we saw them in ProfitClicking and it was hard as hell to grab one in order to withdraw.

So today, going in with that mindset, I opened the green light page. I sat there and saw all the pay processors displaying red lights. So I went to brush my teeth. Right before I got started, I heard this little jingle on my PC. I looked at the cat (who took over my chair while I was gone) and he said "I didn't do it". So I looked at the screen. Holy Cow, a green light for STP!

I quickly clicked on the Withdraw button, filled out the info, and got a "daily limit reached" reply. What? So I tried it again, same result. Hmmm

Closed the green light screen (yes the STP light was still green) and went back to "My Wallet" page. Decided to try to withdraw from there and... (drum roll please)... It Worked It Worked!

Now if you're having trouble with it, I hope you find that info helpful. Cheers and Good Luck!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Still In Jeopardy

(Picture from Estes Park.
Not too far from me.)

Had a scare last night when we got a reverse 911 call telling us there may be a problem with the dam close by and to be ready to evacuate although it was not mandatory.

Our local dam, only a couple of miles from my place was holding but overflowing and caused the creek to reach extremely high levels.

Well that creek is right across the street from me so of course I've been on edge all day. Went to check it out and it's high but still a few feet from the top. The bad news is, the rain is not over yet. Supposed to rain today and over the weekend.

Just for the record, we've averaged 16" of rain in our area since Monday. Normal rain fall for the month of September is 1".

6:30 PM my time... National Guard helicopters flying by. They're coming in to help. Watching them go by in batches of three :)

PneNow: another smooth evening of cycling last night and have seen several payments posted in forums already. Congrats!
Also I believe the Admin may be shifting from adding payza to adding EgoPay instead. Good move IMO and should bring in another good crowd. Thumbs Up!

CenturionProfits: Admin announced payments were done for the weekend so if you request one now, you may not see it until Monday.

AdClickXpress (both of em): the other news for day yesterday was the Restart (now called Xpressshift) of the ACX programs. I haven't really checked my account yet but heard it's not as bad as I would have thought. Will go check now.

OK, previously called ClickPaid:
Percentage of Ad Packs Converted to Ad Panels (ACP): 35.00%
And the original ACX, the same:
Percentage of Ad Packs Converted to Ad Panels (ACP): 35.00%

Well can't complain too much since I know these Restarts are necessary to keep things running. Plus I was surprised at the amount of others who are jumping back in and doing some purchasing of Ad Packs right away. So I guess I'll follow the pack this time and see where it leads us.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Flooding All Around Me

Those who watch the News for the U.S. are well aware of the flooding going on in Colorado right now. Boulder, which I can see from my backyard, received 8 inches of rain overnight and the college buildings are all flooded. Roads are washed out, streets and houses are flooded, one of our dams broke and streams are overflowing.
So far it's been all around me and although it's raining like crazy here, the big farm behind my house seems to be absorbing most of it. I am seeing standing water puddles on the farm from time to time but when the rain slows down, they are soaking in. Keeping high hopes for the rest of the day.

PneNowNews update 09/12/13 - Testimonials; STP info; 300 times_cycled; Errors correction

It is time to submit your testimonials. This is the best way to promote your business. The more we grow the more you will earn.

STP info;
Please click on Profile button to make sure your STP username info is correct. We are not responsible for sending your payout to the wrong STP username.

300 times_cycled;
The 300 times_cycled will continue till the Payza processor is ready and running for 2 weeks.

Errors correction;
We have made an error on the max_cycled of the ad2m renew position. The max_cycled will be corrected from 75 to 40 shortly.

Now before you get upset on that last note, we were only supposed to be getting 2% on a $10 REN position for 75 days, which equals $15.00
But because we are getting .40 cents daily (which was an error), it will only run now for 40 days giving you $16.00
So you're earning approximately the same amount but in half the time :)

OMG ... check your email.
ACX is doing a Restart already!

Like I don't have enough to worry about.
Oh and yes, it's still raining and I'm dumping buckets of water on a regular basis that is dripping off the patio awning. It's that or flood my foundation which we don't need right now either. Good grief :(

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rainy Day and Lovin It

Been cool and raining for two days now.
What a great change of weather for us.
My lawn and flowers are lovin it! Me too!

PneNow: as you all know by now, our first day of cycling did happen last night as scheduled. There was a small problem at first and it showed 1% earning instead of 2%, but that's been corrected now.
Also I have a note into the Admin about the dollar amount of our ad2m REN positions. Something still doesn't seem right to me.
And we should have good news also about the maximum number of cycles even though we've already launched. Stay tuned for that!

-- Those of you who have turned ON the auto-repurchase function:
Auto-repurchase is done manually. I have to run a script to do the auto-repurchase. I planning to run the auto-repurchase before next cycling.

CenturionProfits: just got paid! Thanks Keith.
Told ya he was fast with payouts, lol

ACX and acx-CP: received my payouts from yesterday and noticed the pay processors were opening again today. About 5:15 my time, Mountain time USA.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

There Is Still Time

Pnenow: was surprised about 2 hours ago when I made a new purchase and still received the 300 cycle limit on that spend. Hmmm. Perhaps it won't change to 200 until after our first cycling tonight?
Cycling will start tomorrow night around 10:00 PM eastern time.
Well the way I see it, still time to get in for that little extra bonus. Oh and check this, only 2 more and we're at 400 :)
Total members now: 398
Later in the day: Total members now: 400

Cycle Time: first cycle completed but not correctly.
I sent Admin my back office stats and he's checking into it.
Hold off on support tickets, he's aware of it.
We'll have some answers tomorrow. It's late here and where Admin lives also so will check again when I wake up. Night

CenturionProfits: requested a payment today and of course 30% of it went to my re-purchase balance, so I bought a new plan with that too. Should receive my payment sometime tomorrow if Admin is on schedule.

ACX or ACX/CP: unfortunately I've seen no pay processors open today for withdrawals. A-oh, hope that is just temporary.
Will check it again after their server day change cause I think that's about the time they do payouts.
* And it worked! Logged in about 15 minutes after the top of their hour (new day) and saw some of the pay processors open. I requested and it was confirmed. So far, so good.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Last Call For Early Birds

But first I want to Wish a Big Happy Birthday to my daughter-in-law Jessica. I couldn't ask for a sweeter addition to our little family and I'm sure my son and Olivia agree with that too!
Happy Birthday Jess...
You Birthday Star You! :)
See you tonight!

PneNow: last day for early bird purchasers to get in on the 300 cycle offer. Starting tomorrow (I believe) new purchases will cycle 200 times. Still a great deal if you ask me.
- If you were a member of ad2million and completed the information about your ad2m account but your bonus positions aren't showing or activated yet, a support ticket will do the trick.
- All the current news is in your member area once you're registered.
Good Luck to you all and happy cycling!

Just heard back from Admin:
Cycling will start tomorrow night around 10:00 PM eastern time.

Since I have to leave here shortly and don't want to leave you hanging... if you have any further questions about Pnenow you can always check the MMG Thread that was started by my friend Wesley. He's been very active in the thread and is staying on top of things there.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Heat Wave

Day 54 of 90+F temperature today. But the good news is, starting tomorrow we should be in the 80's for the entire week. Whew!
Now if I lived in Florida, California or Vegas I'd be used to it and have air conditioning. But I don't, so will try to sweat it out one more day.

PneNow: I see we're up to 331 members which is good but was hoping to see bigger numbers than that. Well, it is the weekend and I'm also thinking once Payza is added (or EgoPay, been hinting at Admin about that) we'll see those stats pick up quite a bit.
And don't forget, we've got 2 more leader pre-launch days to earn the maximum from the start. But even after that, 2% daily for 200 cycles is nothing to sneeze at.

* Just received a great comment posted below from one of my friends 'gooch' about this program. Might want to click on that and have a read if you've been sitting on the fence so far.
Thanks gooch :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The PneNow 500 Member Challenge!

Saw that subject line yesterday and asked the sender if it was OK for me to use it too. It's a great idea and a great goal.

PneNOW is close to 300 members and could easily get to 500 if each member shared with just one other person.

- We are at the beginning of Pnenow.
- Official launch is September 10th.
- We will start earning 2% daily after launch.
- More members mean more positions and more positions means more profit for all of us in the long run.

Not hard to do and no daily surfing is required. (Although you will want to submit your advertising URL after you join.)
And don't forget about the bonus positions if you were an ad2million member. Easy to get started and easy to earn.

Sure would be great if everyone pitched in and shared with someone else :)

OK gotta run for a bit but will be back soon.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Just had to show you this before I get to work today.
Olivia's first golf outing last Saturday was a success.
Note at the end... "Score!" That's my favorite part.


CenturionProfits: letting my balance build a little more before doing a cash out. Growing slowly but surely.

Pnenow: we have 4 more days to get the max amount of cycling for our positions. I just purchased another handful myself and instantly received my additional REN positions also.

AdHitProfits: they do get a lot of hits / page views daily. Would be a great place to advertise still. But I just need to be careful with my spends right now.

AdClickXpress: new update dated 9/6 in your member area.
You should find it good especially if you have a lot of Traffic credits.
Support News
September 5, 2013
New! Traffic Exchange Credits-to-Cash

RAF and ismAI: (sigh) here's another update.

OK, gotta show you one more since I figured out how to do it.