Saturday, June 7, 2008

Be Safe This Weekend !

Thanks Jim for lookin out after me :))


FYI: My e-gold accounts are almost depleted. I have enough left to buy another position in one of my private programs, and that makes me happy. But I don't have enough for any more trades. Sorry folks.


Just read a note from Michael Badger. He didn't forget about us. Everything for the new product launch is just taking a little longer than expected. Fine by me :)


Special Announcements Section :)

#1 - Tuesday, June 3rd was Missi's Birthday!

So Happy Belated Birthday Missi,
and many many more!!!

Good Luck on your upcoming move also.
Sounds exciting and should be a lot of fun!


# 2 - My long time internet buddy, Randy in Arkansas (no pic available) has completed his last day of School.
No, he's not a student. He's a Teacher and was very excited about retiring after many many years of teaching High School Students 'History'. (is that right Randy?)

Now I know he's looking forward to a summer of Golfing ... but after that he'll be spending more time here on the net (hopefully with me) learning what I (we) do to make more money!
Nothing wrong with supplementing that retirement pay eh?

So Good Luck Randy and do enjoy your summer knowing that you're FREE !!!



You know the old saying, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"?? I thought of that line just a few minutes ago based on a couple of things.

I just read some notes from folks who reminded me of my newbie days trying to make money from internet programs. Now, being a newbie and trusting everyone and everything ... I lost big time!

So feeling like a fool ... I've since learned to do more research, get-in-good with some knowledgeable people, try things out for myself, and learn who to trust.

One of the most important things I've learned is: Never spend more than you can afford to lose. And to this day ... I keep that promise.

Another very important thing I've learned is to Relax. Do Not let your blood pressure go sky-high because of something that is out of your control. Talk to someone. Take a deep breath. Look at the problem or incident logically.

Most times you will realize it's something that ...
- can be fixed
- wasn't as bad as you thought in the first place
- or good thing I didn't spend the rent money (in case of a loss)

We all take chances here on the net. And we should all accept responsibility for our own actions. If something goes wrong, ok it's a bummer. If something goes right, Whoo Hoooo! We did good !!!

So when I read a note from someone who appears to be confused, upset, freaking out, or just complaining about something that I'm knowledgeable of and/or personally involved in ... I try my best to do the research, help them out, and hopefully get it resolved (or explained) as fast as possible.

And I've learned to do that very calmly, and most times with a smile on my face.
Sometimes things are just not as bad as they appear on the outside. You need to look within yourself, take a deep breath, and find the answer. Am I right?


My Lesson for Today is: Don't Publish your blog until you're done with it. Else all the comments that come in will be about the STUPID BEER SIGN!!! hahaha



HermitJim said...

Hey pleasure! Does this mean that you're buying??


blondie said...

Actually Jim, I'm going to splurge on a case of Corona's today. So mosey on down here and bring your bottle opener :)

meltcat said...

Now, THAT'S an eye catcher...
Let's just all stay home and! (And, ride our bikes or horses to replenish the supply!)

Have a cold one,

blondie said...

Cat! ... hahaha
That's a Great Idea!
You're all invited!

Myrna said...

Speaking of gas - I have to go get some .. and worse yet, it just started pouring out. Sheesh!!

I come from the land of milk and oil (please don't hold that against ME) and you should hear the grumbles all around.
But don't let it affect yur day - and have a chilled Corona or whatever !!

blondie said...

I like milk too!
I have Moo-Moo every day myself.
Need those vitamins ya know?
Always enjoy your visits, no matter what we're sipping on, lol
Take care,

Mattias said...

He, I prefer the natural Loka and I´m as happy as others.

The key for me is to enjoy life and stay healthy!

Have you heard of the land of milk and honey? :)

meltcat said...

Hey blondie,
I don't think the beer sign is stupid. And I do think the rest of your post is very good. Especially the part where you take a deep breath, relax, and do some really is apt to turn out better than you're thinking it will when you're panicking.

Haven't had my cold one yet, but I'm fixin' to,


blondie said...

Hey Mattias,
I love milk and honey. Don't think I've ever had them together though.

You're right. Panicking is not good. I always feel for those who sound like they are. So we try to help eh?

Haven't had my cold one yet either. But you're 2 hrs ahead of me, lol

Enjoy you day!!!

js said...

Hi Blondie, nice sign about them that beer! I normally don't drink gasoline, so the beer is a much better choice.

Ok.... as to the rest of the post? Very nicely done. Excellent advice for everyone.


blondie said...

Yes, beer is the better choice for drinking, lol

And thanks johnski for the kind words on the rest of the post also. You know I appreciate it :)

Myrna said...

you got a lot of comments today - so I do think "even" the thought of beer tends to loosen up and relax... JMO

I read an article recently that advised one to do relaxation techniques while idling in traffic (and burning gas $$$ !!)
and help make the drive home more pleasant. So we'll see. I will practice what I preach - will you?

Mission Impossible said...

Awww wow! Thanks heaps Blondie for your wishes. It was nice a nice surprise to see there. Hope your having a great weekend!

blondie said...

I always try to practice what I preach Myrna. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, but I do try hard.

Hey Missi!
Yes am having a great weekend.
And yours is probably done by now.
Oh well, your next one will come faster than mine, lol

Myrna said...

Judy - sorry - I didn't mean to imply do "you" practice what you preach - I was generalizing to anyone who reads your blog. So a lesson learned for me - think before you write. I apologize.
Of course you practice what you preach - I/we know that. It's a given.
Have a good Sunday.

blondie said...

Hey Myrna,
No need to apologize :)
My fault I guess.
Since this is my blog, and not a forum, I just assume comments are usually meant for me, lol
Oh well, no big deal and no hard feelings ... ever.
Have a great day!

Myrna said...

All is good.