Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday John Stankiewicz!

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Johnski
Happy Birthday To You !!!!!


How funny (and cute) is this pic of John?
(sorry johnski, had to do it)
Hope you have a Wonderful Birthday !!!
I'll have a drinkie with ya later, OK? :))

And JOHNSKI, be sure to visit The Hermit's today!
He's got a song for you in his blog.
Funny as heck too!!!
See js's wallpaper? Go have a listen :))

and a special thanks to Dorky, a fellow Mod at CIF for being so creative today. But we all know js is only 35 ... and don't you forget it! har!


OK, I'm here. All day. I don't have to go out for anything today. Yay!!! So let me see if I can get caught up.


The new forum, CollectiveInvestmentsForum is growing. If you haven't visited yet, please drop by and have a peek. Quite a few folks that I know are getting registered and introducing themselves. It's fun to see who all is there. And for those of you making money in 10DollarsWonder ... there is a thread for that also. You're welcome to stop by and post your good words about the program! Thanks a Bunch to you All.


A new reader asked me the other day what e2ePay is or was? So let me try to explain briefly for those of you who are not aware of what has happened. I'll do my best going from memory, so bear with me :)

e2ePay originally opened early in 2007. It was in pre-launch for a New Payment Processor. Since those things are very 'legal beagle' and time consuming, the Admin decided to give us another way to earn money in the meantime.

He opened the "Place Ad and Earn 2 Million" opportunity on 3/30/07. It was very similar to 10dollarswonder, but as I recall the earnings portion was quite a bit different in the beginning.

The summer of 2007 was very slow for both 10dollarswonder and e2ePay. Then the Admin came up with the brilliant solution that is still working to this day! He re-launched 10dollarswonder on Nov 23, 2007. Following in it's tracks was e2ePay which re-launched on Dec 26, 2007. (I think)

Now they were both running the same way (with the .10 cent cycling) and they were both doing GREAT!

Then AlertPay decided that e2ePay was competition for them and told the Admin that he must STOP taking AP payments and remove the AP link from the site.

Since the majority of folks bought through AP, Admin decided to put the site "on hold" while he moved the members and all information over to 10dw. Well, for some reason, that didn't work out either.

So what we will have now is a Brand New Program that will launch with all the same information that was in e2ePay when it was put on hold.
Current Members will not lose anything.
When it's launched, the cycling and earnings will continue from where they left off. You will not lose any of your referrals either.

As of today, it's just a matter of waiting for that new program launch. OK?
Did that all make sense? Let me know if I left out anything important.

Phew, that was a mouthful eh?
But now you know "the rest of the story".
And DON'T ASK AGAIN !! (hahaha just kidding (feeling sassy today))


Here's a great note I just got from a reader:

I Patti. I have been reading hermit jim, js and your blogs for the past few months now. I am jealous of you, no rat race, gardening etc. You guys are doing such a great service out of the goodness of your hearts. While I was on mat leave from work desperately trying to find a way to be able to work at home with my family and not have to go back. My goal is Sept and with your help I am going to do it. Thank you so much for helping me attain this goal. *sniff* *sniff* :o)

Makes it all worth it ... doesn't it guys?

And based on the comments from Jim and js ... I'd have to say Yes!

Good Luck Patti. We're here if you need us :)



HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...nice of you to remember JS's birthday! You are a real sweetie...


blondie said...

Awwww Thanks Jim!
I remember yours too :P
So be prepared, hehe

js said...

Hey thanks Blondie, you brought a smile to my face. Like in that picture you posted. Neat eh? I like it too.

Thanks again. Am holding steady at 35, even though I was born in 1959.


And thanks to Jim as well, going to his blog now to hear that song you mentioned.

blondie said...

Hey John!
I can't stop laughing.
The Pic and the Song are BOTH great! It's going to be a fun day :)
Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Mattias said...

Happy Birthday John!

Well, Blondie, you summarized e2epay well there, and in fact, I believe this new program will be a nice surprise.I always try to focus on what´s possible!

blondie said...

Thanks Mattias,
That is a good way to look at things. And what I forgot to post was ... my earnings in the old e2epay were more than in 10dw. So if this thing continues where it left off, AND we get new members to keep it rolling, well... I see a lot of good things happening.
Take care,

HermitJim said...

Blondie...that was a nice note from Patti...hope that we can help her get to the point that we are at and beyond! Working for yourself and helping others do the same...that's what it's all about!

js said...

I agree with Jim. This is what our purpose is. Not only to stay free ourselves, but help others do that as well.

Oh and thanks for all the kind notes.

It's making my day fun, rather than sad.

I truly appreciate you all.


sinip said...

Hey, js, happy birthday from me as well, nice plan, that with holding at 35... I somehow favour 40 much more, nice and round number... :-) So I'll hold there. ;-)

Myrna said...

You all have helped me a lot - thanks. Friends are fun to hang out with.
Had a fun day with my grandchildren at a swim afternoon outing - so off to rest now. See ya tomorrow.