Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mouse in the House & possible SCAM?

My fat cat just brought a mouse in the house. He's not hungry. He can't be. He just likes to play with them.
He took it downstairs and nicely dropped it. I saw it scurry around some storage boxes.
So I got out my mouse catcher, put some ham in it and am waiting to hear the sound it makes when he's been caught. I'll let you know what happens.

2:30 PM MST Mouse Update:
Well, I saw the little guy just sitting there. Wasn't sure if he was hurt or looking for a place to cuddle up and sleep. So I put the mouse catcher close to where he was. No luck.
Went back downstairs and saw him still sitting there. So I scooped him up in a small towel and carried him outside.

When I first opened the towel to let him out, he looked like he was in shock! I just thought he was dying :(
Then, as soon as he realized I was "setting him FREE" ... he got all happy and started jumping and ran away as fast as he could. Cute little guy he was :)
The End


Money making forums are for "good" comments too, you know? I thought folks liked to share their success.
Hard to understand why some folks pop-in only when they think something is wrong. Why do they wait? What's wrong with showing happiness and gratitude?
Well, I sure appreciate the programs that have helped me pay my bills every month. And I try to express that here and in forums. But that's just me.


OK, now that I've gotten that off my chest ...

DRW is doing great! Am getting the daily profit share as well as fast cash! (thanks to my referrals :) All my positions are still running, even those bought the day I joined. So I've got a ways to go before those positions are 'matured'.

continues to cycle just fine. Summer is a slower time of year for such programs, so I expect to skip a day or three without cycling. Not a problem. I'm real confident that this program will be around for a long time.
Total members now: 15018

Anxious for the new 10CentClub to get going also! For those who don't know, this is our old e2ePay program being re-launched under a new name. Cool

My two private programs are also doing great!!! Can't discuss them here since they are private, ya know? Hope to get a few more friends involved ASAP. The way I see it ... if I'm happy, others should be happy too!


Don't forget about the new forum, CIF. I don't see tons of registered members yet so if you have something nice to say about your favorite program, or want to share a new program with others ... stop by, get registered and introduce yourself. It's a nice way to meet some nice people.


It's cool here right now. I think I'm going to go mow the back lawn and give it some nutrition. It's looking needy. Catch you all later :))


Was just notified of this possible SCAM from our friend js. Below is what he wrote at the top of his post, which is quite long. So please take a moment to review it yourself if you're interested. It's about the webupgrade10 program. And for those of you who did Join? DO NOT Upgrade!

ust got the below from my upline. Turns out that the “switch to Web 2.0” programme is a scam. I myself wondered how one could change all websites on the ‘net by the click of one button. I don’t think it is technically feasible, but.. I thought it was no harm, as they open on July 1st. Well, I’ve had many folks join. And read the below and decide for yourself."

PS, thank you John for sending the notes out to my referrals for me. I never have been able to even log into the site. Should have known something wasn't right. Oh well. Nothing lost. Nothing gained. We're OK.



HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie Person...that mouse just wants to stay around for a while cause he heard that you are very generous with the pizza! Ham in the mouse trap...?? See what I mean? no wonder they let themselves be caught!

Glad the weather is letting you get out in the yard! If you want some practise, come help me weed my garden..


Manu said...

Hi Blondie,

reading about the mouse makes me smile ;o) I used to live in amsterdam and mice are the comen roommates there. They are included in the rent, unless you moved into a brandnew build house. The houses are old and have plenty of holes to sneak in. I have seen mice do things i didn't know they could do.
LOL. The whole concept with cat's keeping mice away does not really add up with yours, does it? Funny...

Have a great day.

Myrna said...

Mice are okay - just that they like to have babies. Then can get to be a lot. Hope she/he comes to your bait
We have had rain and rain and rain - what used to be a dry flowerbed is now soggy !!

I am happy with the programs I am in now and awaiting the 10cent one to start.

blondie said...

Wasn't that js that left the pizza boxes on the floor for his little mouse? Mine get whatever I have around. Ham, bologna, cheese haha

Thought of you just now while eating an olive loaf sandwich. Mmmmm Should give me the energy I need for the lawn mowing. But now, it looks like rain. Best hurry!

Thanks for visiting :))
ps, plenty of my own weeds to pull, but thanks anyway! lol

blondie said...

Manu, that's a funny story!
And I'll be the first to admit that I have weird cats. lol

Myrna, remember last fall/winter? Took me a long time to catch them all. Eventually we did. well, me and the cats anyway :( eck.

Gotta run :))

Myrna said...

Blondie - yes I remember when you were trying to catch those mice. I think when a mice finds a good warm home with lots of nibblies & what looks like a pretty good future - he promotes and networks to many others. - he he .

Raining here too - have quite on the idea of mowing the lawn.
Vacuuming inside instead !!

Myrna again ! said...

PS - I think farm cats keep mice away as they are hungry. City cats - well, they might be a bit fussier. JMO

Mattias said...

Hi Blondie!

First the good news.Today I recieved a commission of 50 dollars!, when a new member in 10DollarsWonder bought positions for 500 dollars! I´m so grateful! 10DollarsWonder is great!

The bad news.The first time I saw this WEB 2.0 I got the scamfeeling of it, and when I read about it, it strenghten that feeling.

Folks, we need the excitement about good programs, but also be warned of scams.

Thank you for your great blog!

blondie said...

Yes, I'm sure you're right about the city cats vs farm cats.
My cats are well fed so they just catch the mice for the fun of it.

That's GREAT News! 50 bucks eh? Whoo Hoooo!! Gotta Luv them Referrals!!
I've always loved 10dw. And today is no different :)

Yeah, sorry about the Web 2.0 thingy. Stuff happens, ya know?

And a great big THANK YOU for your Thank You!!! It was actually John who notified me, and I just spread the word to others.

Am Happy that I can help any way I can.

Bye for now !!!!

David said...

Hey Blondie,
This is danish. Read your blog daily...don't always comment.
a)Cats will always try to respond to those that love them, by bringing home gifts (mice, moles etc). Usually they are dead, but as you have experienced, not always. The hunting/playing instinct is always present in domesticated cats, but not necessarily the killing one. The dead gifts just got played with too much.
b) The best bait in a mouse trap ( whether the standard one or a live trap one) is peanut butter. No exception. Smooth or crunchy doesn't matter...mice cannot resist
peanut butter.
c)If you want to stop mice from entering your house or anything else, you of course have to plug up the entry ways (holes). Because their skulls are not one solid bone, but separate pieces...they can squeeze through openings only three-eighths of an inch big. The only thing I have found that will stop them is to caulk all of the possible entry points with......silicone. They will not try to chew through this material. I have had them chew through steel wool stuffed in a hole or crack, but never, ever through silicone caulking material.
DRW is doing great for me as well.
Best Regards

blondie said...

Hi David,
Thanks for the info.
The mice are getting into my house right now via the cats mouth :)
So today, I let the cats out and did NOT leave the door open for them to return. They'll just have to wait outside till I let them in.

Interesting news about the mice though. I'll have to remember the peanut butter in case this does happen again.
Thanks for visiting:)

Myrna said...

I love peanut butter - in fact I think I'll have some right now.

I have heard Banana is good too .

so a peanut butter and banana sandwich coming up - early unch today !!

Mission Impossible said...

Hi Blondie. I must admit I steered clear of the web 2.0 on 2 accounts. Firstly the math, I figured theyre giving away $1 million. Even if there were only a million people pushing it we would only get $1, and the reality of how many are online I figured we'd all be lucky to get 1 cent once it was launched. Second thing that made me decide no was the fact some pages were saying web 2.0 and others 3.0, I wondered which is it? lol. After reading this and js post Im glad I didnt bother.