Monday, June 9, 2008

Well ...

I didn't sleep well.
I woke up too early (thanks to the cat who insisted on getting under the blanket with me).
Watched a hour of crappy news reports.
The cat showed up (at the back door) with a mouse. He's locked out now.
Read Hermit Jim's blog (which sounds like I'm feeling).
Had trouble with my computer settings and re-booted three times.
Keep forgetting to check my Lotto tickets.
And it's Monday!
How are you today???


Checked my DRW advertising and profit sharing account today. Saw that I had enough to re-purchase and withdraw a bit too. Then realized I never put my STP info in my profile. Sent a support ticket to DRW and they responded almost instantly! Very impressive! So once again ... this program rocks!


Sitting here watching myself cycle in 10DollarsWonder. Remember that you can view the "cycled positions history" any time you like ... or check your own personal cycle history. No complaints here.
Oh and I did re-purchase 3 more positions yesterday and am about to do the same today. Thanks 10DW. I do enjoy this program lots and lots!!!
And don't forget: You can purchase through STP now :))


The National Average for a gallon of gasoline is now $4.00
Back when I lived in Detroit, Michigan, I drove an MG Midget (British Sports Car).
Of course it had a small gas tank, but still ...
I paid $2.50 to fill it up!

My dog and I could drive around all week on that.
We were quite a sight, I'm told.
Two blondies with the top down :))
I miss him.


I see work is being done at our new 10centclub program. Anxious for word from Admin that it's time to Announce It! Remember folks, this is our old e2ePay program being re-launched as a new name. okie dokie? a-ha


That withdrawal I made from DRW just a few minutes ago, is already PAID! Maybe today won't be so bad after all :)) Yay!


Am I talking too much?
My brain is going 100 miles per hour on very little sleep.

Maybe I'm just "Twisted" eh?
Thanks again Joni Mitchell for a colorful look at life.
And yes, that's Cheech and Chong you hear near the end.
Enjoy !!!
(ps, I can sing this entire song without seeing the lyrics)
Scary huh? hahaha


HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...glad to see that I wasn't the only one with kitty interupted sleep last night! How can anything so cute when asleep be such a pain in the backside when awake? Kinda like little kids, huh?

See ya, Kiddo!

blondie said...

Yeah they are Jim.
But your cute little kids are nothing compared to my fat 16 pound one.
Not much room on a skinny little couch for the two of us :(
Thanks for the visit!

Myrna said...

We all must have had lack of sleep nights last night.
My cat weighs 10 and when he sleeps on my legs I can't get him off. But I enjoy him anyway.
Getting your withdraw from DRW sounds like a good thing.

blondie said...

Hey Myrna,
My 3 cats weigh 16, 10 and less than 5. So quite a mixture I have.

Thanks re DRW!
Later :)

Manu said...

Hi Blondie,

hope your day got smoother by the hour, interrupted sleep is never a pleasure. Maybe i can lift your spirits a bit regarding them gasoline's a crime really wherever you are these days. But maybe it makes you feel just a bit better knowing that in germany the average price for a gallon is about $8,77. Lucky if you don't have to leave the house to make your money, wether you are in Germany, Usa or somewhere else.

Keep on smiling,

PS: i would like to ask a favor of you, but will be sending you a mail regarding this.

blondie said...

Gas is $8.77 in Germany?
Holy Cow!!! That's awful!

Yes my day is getting smoother, thanks :)

I'll keep an eye out for your email.
Talk to you soon,

meltcat said...

I still believe it's all in how ya look at and respond to your day that tips the scale for ya. I'm glad to see yours is getting better, or at least evening out
After working all nite, I got home this am to a message from my husband saying that he had passed our horses on his way in to work...they were out visiting AGAIN... So I gather up my horse catchin' gear and go to fetch them. All the while, I'm thinkin, "just keep swimming"...
After a good nap, I think I can conquer the world now! lol
Sorry about the novel-length post,
just wanted you to know I understand...

meltcat said...

Forgot one other thing...
That dog is gorgeous!

Have a good one,

blondie said...

Are you kidding?
That was great post! The novel length one! I loved every word!
Nice to know someone understands :)

My dog was beautiful.
And he died a tragic untimely death. That was such a sad time in my life.
I think I cried straight for 3 days.

Glad you rounded up the horses!
I always wanted to have a horse but never lived anywhere I could.

Your comments meant a lot to me.
They really did!
Thank you :)

Myrna said...

Horses being out - reminds me of a happening to me. I dog sat a lasaapso dog "Joey" and we lived in the country. Early one foggy morning I let him out and he started barking like crazy. Out in the fog some horses ran by (the neighbours horses had come visiting). Well "Joey" dog rounded them up or so they let him think. He wouldn't stop barking. Finally the horses went back in the direction of home. To make a long story short - Joey's parents came back and he went to live with them in a big city. I cried and was sad for a long time.

We sure love our animal friends. We can be happy they come into our
Take care - Everyone have a great day !