Monday, June 23, 2008

Just some updates :)) AND NEWS !!!

Let's just update today since I've been so lazy this weekend.

DollarMonster finally cycled my 6/16 position last night. Am waiting on two more purchased 6/18. It was 4 days when I bought, so we'll see.

WOW! You've got to read this!
These guys have what ... 150 members so far??
50 of those were mine and who knows how many js had.
But I do stand behind my referrals 100%
Told them if they boot js, they might as well boot me too.
So farewell DollarMonster !!!

UPDATE: WorldPassive Cycler (DollarMonster), by js of 9planetreviews

Looks like a reader of mine ratted me out. I simply made a one line statement, and here it is: "Actually, new developments. Avoid DollarMonster, am about to publish that in my blog. So if your fifty cycles? Get it out and stay out." And looks like my "friend" sent that in to support. So they canceled my account and my payout of two cycles. Here are the details:

I originally bought a $50 position, that cycled, and then I put all of that back in and that cycled too. Then I made w/d request.

Guess what?

I just received an email saying they had shut down my account and are giving me my original $50 back. Why? I was in violation of their agreement. It says basically I would not do anything to harm their programme. Well, I did not. Check my blog. (I merely made one comment to a reader of mine that sent that in to support! Not as if I posted this all over the Internet! But now I have. And so should you!)

But, I did mention to one reader, in a private e-mail that I would not put any more money in that one as I thought it was about to fold (as most cyclers do, and this one did twice or thrice before). I guess that reader sent that one in to support.

So I replied to support and basically said they had better pay my cycled positions or I will make this into a story. And here the story is!

They have done the wrong thing. I have not said anything negative in my blog about their latest scheme. And now I am. They gave me the opportunity. It's not about the fifty bucks. I could care less. But that kind of treatment? Say anything negative about them and your account will be shut down? Sounds like desperation and totalitarianism. Sounds like a scam. Sounds like a poor decision by some flunky support person.

And scam it is! Spread the word. Spread this word far and wide so you cannot get cheated ever again by these three time failure goons! I sure am!



DO NOT JOIN the below MSP quite yet.
Am getting mixed info from different sources.
Stay tuned for more. Not sure about this one :(
Dang me! (see below)

Sent to me from a friend in the UK, I decided to try this one also. I've seen it advertised quite a bit around the net, and by some big promoters. It's only about a week or so old with over 400 active members. So why not eh?

It's a cycler/doubler and minimum deposit is $20.00. You do receive 10% commission on referrals. Takes 3 days to cycle but I'm told folks are cycling faster than 3 days?!? Accepts all kinds of payment methods ... I chose e-gold. Yes, I'm just playing with my "play money".

This is from their FAQ's, but please be sure to read them all if you join:

Q:How soon will I be paid.
A:Every 3 days we will pay you a proportionate
amount of the circler's income. so it will occur
10 times over 30 days. So there is a chance you
could triple your money before it even cycles!"

So check it out if you wish, it's called MySponsoredPosition.

Oh and I've asked js to review it in CIF. Hmmm, wonder what he'll say? har!


Am still impressed with DRW Advertising and Profit Sharing site. And it looks like it's time for another withdrawal. Nice :)) I'd be embarrassed to tell you how much I've earned with this one ... so I won't.
But know that if you're passive and don't promote, it's a slow and steady process to earn. So if you can get a few (or a lot of) referrals ... all the better!


10DollarsWonder continues to cycle just fine. Not every day, but often enough to keep me happy, ha! Remember summer is a slow time for these types of programs. So it really is up to all of us, the members, to keep it strong by purchasing and/or repurchasing. Which reminds me ... I need to go do that right now!


Dang me! Dang me! ...


HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...was wondering where you got off to! We thank you for your hard work (?) in tracking down these money making programs for least I do! Even if I do pick on ya and tease ya a little!

Keep watching out for us slower folks...ok?ok!


Myrna said...

Morning world...
Actually was awake on and off all night. Maybe cuz I am thinking about the days getting shorter. It happens so fast.
Have a good day all.

blondie said...

..slower folks!??
that's funny Jim :D
Thanks for the laugh!

Hi Myrna,
sounds like you need a nap today.
Oh and try clicking on "Name/URL" when you post. maybe that will answer your question as well.

Thanks for checkin on me you two!

Anonymous said...

Dear Blondie,

It's my first time here...
I joined DRW last May 10,2008 and i started with $10 worth of adpack. But until now it's not yet
matured. If I will purchased $50
ad pack...doest it matures faster
than $10 adpack? Please kindly answer...based on your purchases.
Many thanks... and take care...

Best Regards,

blondie said...

Hi Lizabeth and Welcome :)

I just posted a comment about your comment in today's blog.
So plse read the Tues update, ok?