Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gamblers - Fun Game - Not too serious :)) Update

UPDATE: around 5 pm mst, lol
It's been a long day already.

Here's what I think the deal is regarding the new DollarMonster ...

- If you played in it before, Contact your Sponsor and see if they're playing this time around. If they are, they'll give you their link.

- If you've never played before or didn't like your sponsor (lol), I'd love to have you as my referral if you decide to play.

- If you've played before and you WERE my referral ... you need to sign up under me again. (assuming you want to) Here's my LINK

What a messed up day this has been. Smile everyone!


I was surprised last night to get a note from the "World Passive" folks telling me that they are relaunching Dollar Monster again :)

Do you guys remember DollarMonster? (or am I dating myself?)

- The original green DollarMonster program was run by the Easy Chair Club, back in 2004. (I made money with that one.)
- Then the World Passive folks bought the script and started it up again near the end of 2006. (I made money with that one too.)
- Then when it started slowing, they added another cycler to their main program, which I recall the name being Dough Doubler. That was around May of 2007 (I think). Oh and they also had a raffle going. (yep, more profit from that.)

So that's the history as I recall it.
And all this happened long before I started this blog, ok?

I logged into my old WorldPassive account last night and noticed that when the last run of this fizzled out, I had a pending withdrawal for $143 bucks that never got paid. So I wrote to the Admin and questioned that. Here is his reply:

"Hi Judy,

Yes, please play - your (those of all the other members) pending withdrawals will become available as soon as we get going a little more.

All pending WorldPassive Withdrawals only amount to a few hundred dollars anyway.

More about this will be coming out in the next update, later today.

Thanks for your support!

WorldPassive Admin "

So that makes me think ...

Did any of you play in those games with me in 2006 or 2007?
Did you have a pending withdrawal when the doors closed?
Do you think it's worth a small investment to see if it gets paid out?

Well you know what, checking my account there again, (and yes, all the old info is still there), I see that I "received" about $340 from them. And all I started with was $20 and built from that.

Now I'm not saying this is going to take off.
Nor am I saying this is going to die in 3 days.

But I DO like to play these things ... so what the heck!

I just bought a position for $25 which will mature to $43.75 in a few days. I'm willing to take the risk and hopefully see if I can make another $300 from my initial deposit.

Anyone want to join me?

Remember it's very risky. Just a fun game, and a ponzi.
I would not put big money in there. But if you have some Pocket Change in either your e-gold or Liberty Reserve ...
I'd be pleased to have you :))

*Special Note to my old referrals in DollarMonster ...
Is it just me or does this note seem a bit crappy???

All referrals you have won for WorldPassive in the past will have to be recruited again for this new version of DollarMonster - if you think about it, it's the absolutely best way to motivate promoters to get out the word to their lists. Yes, everyone has to build their DollarMonster referral list again!"

And what does that really mean?
Well, I've sent in another note to the Admin so will advise.

** Seems they have BOTH the old DM and new DM sites up. Not a good thing as folks are getting confused and playing in the wrong site. Will come back as soon as they answer my email about that.

*** If you're signing up brand new, first time etc ... you can do it from my link above. BUT, if you're a current member of world passive, hold off a bit until I get some answers from Admin. OK? (and js is helping me test my theory ... bless his patience :)



HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...always willing to have a little fun, hey? Who knows...they could turn into a good profit making program. Never can tell...


blondie said...

Well Jim,
When we played it before, we did pretty good. Me and my referrals that is.
Maybe we will again :)
Take care,

naphtali said...

hey blondie i have a old account and everything looks the same as before. how does one know they have the mosy current information. thanks

blondie said...

Does it look familiar to you? Did you write anything down from before?

Login through the WorldPassive link. NOT your old DM link. There is a problem right now which js and I have both notified WP about.

Stay tuned for more.