Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sharing a thought or two ...

I received a comment last night, that I am not going to post.
Because the person who wrote it is showing greed and I don't want to embarrass him/her in public. OK

I see nothing wrong with the newest update in 10DollarsWonder.
I think what the Admin has done with this program is phenomenal and I sure wish folks would think about that before they voice their opinion.
So let's do a quick recap, shall we?

Your positions are cycled by new purchases and re-purchases. By meeting our minimum requirements will not result in a consistant cycling. To have a more consistant cycling, you must continue to maintain a higher percentage of purchases or/and re-purchases no matter the amount of your purchases.

Member: Ohhhh, you mean I can't put in $10 and expect to earn $1,000 every month? Why not?? I'm helping to cycle 70 positions once a month. Why shouldn't I be cycling 10,000 times myself ???

Yes I'm being sarcastic with that statement. But that's how I feel every time someone complains about the process!

What's there to complain about anyway?

The folks who don't like it are probably already in profit, so everything else is gravy. And now they don't want to help the program flourish? They just want to earn 10,000% every month without helping others??? Wow.

And remember, Admin can change the rules any time he feels the need to. It's in the terms that you agreed to when you joined. I know for a fact he only changes them to help us (the members) enjoy the program more and profit.

So why can't we just "go with the flow", enjoy what we have, give back to our business and it will give back to us!?!?

Somebody get me an aspirin please :(


Moving right along ... DollarMonster PAID ME last night my one and only withdrawal. I only took out what I put in so far, and have used all of my profit to repurchase positions. If this keeps going, I'll take a little profit later. But in the meantime, I'd like to see all my friends cycle out as well.


DRW's going great guns! I've built up to 9 positions now and none of them have matured yet ... which is a good thing. That means I'm still earning a daily profit share on each one :))


Why does it seem, when I have so many things to do around the house, I can't get away from this computer?

Was just over at my gmail chatting to a few folks. Am so happy to hear the comments (and excitement) from members re: one of our private programs.
As for me? I've earmarked my profit to fix a major sewer problem in my home. I sure hope and pray that this will work out well for everyone!

Hope your day rocks and I'll see you soon!


Sheila said...


New to this opportunity- and I have to say it is the best I have seen so far...

Also, I like your blog because your writing is optimistic and honest which really helps to keep new people motivated.

So I like to say "thank you"!


blondie said...

Hi Sheila!
Glad you stopped by for a read.
Thanks for the Thanks!
Am happy that I can help any way I can.
Have a fun day!

HermitJim said...

heu Blondie...I always enjoy seeing your blog as well. It starts my day off with a smile.

I wouldn't worry about the folks that comment negatively. Some people are just like that, always finding fault.

I say...keep up the good work that you do. Most of us appreciate it!


naphtali said...

Hi Blondie, i totally agree with Hermit Jim. This is the first site where i have constantly made money! i have no complaints. thanks for all your help.

Now i have a question about DRW. 1st, i finally signed up under you today. How long does it take for your position to mature? can u only withdraw money after your adpack matures or when you $10 in your account

blondie said...

Thanks Jim :)
Thanks Greg :)

re DRW:
None of my positions have matured yet so it must be a $10 min. w/d whenever you can get it. lol

The profit sharing portion is slow, but steady. The ref. comm's rock!
Good Luck and Thanks!

Mission Impossible said...

Hi Blondie! Im back. Glad to see your doing well. I sure agree with you on your 10 dw post. I have been noticing there are quite a few people annoyed at the fact that they actually have to put something IN to get something out, not to mention those that think they should be able to spend $10 to make a mint with no extra effort. Your final comment on the subject really brought a smile to my face, you get to say all the things I wish to in ways I cannot. I love your work!

4 weeks and 3 days to go before the big move AHHHH! The nerves! The nerves!

blondie said...

Hey Missi,
I've read your blog. I've read your posts in forums. When it comes to 'putting things the way I wish'... you rock! You have a way with words yourself kiddo! We just have different styles, that's all.

Moving :( I can't imagine moving again. Although if I don't get my sewer fixed, my house might get sucked into the ground soon. Now that would be bad!!

Take care and keep in touch!

js said...

Blondie? The guy you are talking about with the 7 positions? I finally got fed up just a few minutes ago and asked him for his e-gold ID so I can pay him off to have him shut the fuck up. And.... I forgive him, hahahaha! What a pain!


Woops, pardon mon Francais.

js said...

Looks like we're talking about two different guys. The one that has been complaining to me, to Admin, and to Missi is or Eurshell Yarbrough. Let's see if he takes me up on the $70. I would be glad to just get rid of the guy. He's way out of bounds.

Again, sorry for the French.


blondie said...

Yes John. 2 different guys.
The one I had was just complaining. Hopefully not to anyone other than me. Nothing like negatives to slow down a program.

Your guy sounds like he let his positions SIT for 30 days and did nothing. Of course they will all go to inactive. Once that happens, they can only be re-activated one-on-one. It's all right there in black and white.

Oh well, I forgive them both also.

Mission Impossible said...

Hahaha! Yes I have just finished replying to that one js is referring to. Quite an ummm.. errrr.... hmmm ... "remembers mum said if you cant say something nice dont say it at all".... I'll say character indeed. I guess when people only see grey they dont get black and white so obviously.

And well, just thanks for just being you. Smiles are a wonderful colour to bring to ones day as you do to mine and many others regularly.

js said...

Well he took me up on my offer for the seventy bucks. He's legally blind by the way and that seventy meant a lot to him. So I can't really be angry with him. He was just oversightful... oops....

Well again... some of these have trouble reading everything. I think that they should be given some leeway, like this guy.


blondie said...

Thanks you guys!
Both of you!

I'm almost otta here so new posts will just have to wait until tomorrow.

Night :))

Bradley White said...

Blondie, can you help a friend of mine. He paid for 7 ad units last Saturday and they still are not showing up?? Doesn't make sense but want to help this guy because I brought him into the program. And he will also stay and not complain either! :) I emailed Missi but have not heard anything yet
Thanks Brad
P.S. You rock! I love your honesty. It has been you that has kept up my faith and excitement in 10DW and DRW. I am blessed to be involved with both programs.

blondie said...

Hey Bradley,
Have your friend send his receipt from either STP, AP or e-gold to the Admin address. Copy n paste the receipt into an email. Do NOT send as an attachment. Have him put his USERNAME in the Subject line along with "Missing Payment".
Since the Admin cleared out his old emails, he should get to it promply.

Hey and thanks for the compliment too. (blushing) I try :))

Take Care!

Mission Impossible said...

I am surprised if I havent replied to this... wondering which address it was sent to and when the email was sent as they are all up to date as of 2 hours ago. Even if I forward something to admin I always send a reply to notify of this.