Thursday, June 19, 2008

Has it Really been Fifty Years?!?

Yes, it is the 50 Year Anniversary of the Hula Hoop. Who remembers those? Who remembers playing with them as a kid or young adult?

I won't tell if you don't. hahaha!


Hey DollarMonster is doing good and still cycling on schedule. I am at a break even point now, and have been repurchasing all earnings. Not sure what I'll do today. Might have to withdrawal a little.

And in case you didn't see my earlier posts, it's a Cycler. Paying out 175% (75% profit) in 4 days currently. Just a game, so use money you don't really need :)

OK, this is cool ... my friend Bill just called me wondering where all this money came from in his e-gold account.
me: I dunno. Check your history.
He did and read off to me: Payment from WorldPassive. WOW!
So they really did pay the pending withdrawals from the old WP* accounts, even if you're not playing in the new DollarMonster yet. Nice!!!
So the end this story is: Bill IS going to play in DollarMonster now with those funds! Why not eh???

*Notice I said WorldPassive, and not dollarmonster. .


My old Cat loves Turkey Bologna. Bought it for the first time the other day cause it was only .99 cents and I hoped she would eat it. And she did! She loves it!!
Why do I feed my cat bologna? She's really old, under 5 lbs, so whatever she'll eat, I feed her. She pretty much gets whatever she wants.


Don't forget about the New Forum, CIF / Collective Investment Forum. Was just there checking in to see how things are going. Getting a lot of new posts and a lot of new program threads for you guys to take a look at. Stop by and visit when you can. Get registered and introduce yourself. It's fun :)


Despite a handful of folks who don't like 10DollarsWonder, a few thousand of them do! So don't let their negative remarks throw you off course.
I have a habit of purchasing once per week, and do a withdrawal twice per month. And I continue to cycle on a regular basis. Not every day, but most days.
So long live 10DollarsWonder and Hurry Up and get launched 10CentClub. We're waaaaaiting :))


I worked in my garden for 2 hours yesterday. And I'm feeling it today. Guess I'm getting too old for this sh**!
Hey? Who's got the Hula Hoop?? Maybe that'll loosen me up!!


You guys are really lovin DRW, aren't you? I know I am! I see some of you have quite a few positions now. Thanks y'all :)
Might go purchase a new one myself and make it an even 10 for me. OK, sounds like a plan.


I only have two more programs to check on, my private ones. Since I can't mention them here, I guess I'm done for today.

Have a safe and happy day :))


HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...thanks for the great post. Always informative and always enjoyable! Proud to say that I do remember the hula hoop...and I can remember when the frisbee first came out! Heck, I even remember 8 track tape players!!

OMG...I'm older than I thought!! Better go check my pulse...!


blondie said...

Hey Jim!
Believe it or not, I have an 8 track player in my basement. And about 75 old tapes to play in it!
Yes, I'm a pack rat.
Better check my pulse too, lol

Mattias said...

Yes, if you want to cycle more often in 10DollarsWonder, you need to purchase and repurchase more often.I think it´s good for everyone to set up a scheme.Build up positions to a certain level(I have 100 now), then a withdrawal.Then repurchasing again maybe 10 times, and then a withdrawal again.Try to set up a regular scheme for more frequently cycling.

blondie said...

That's a great idea Mattias!
I'm sure everyone has their own method, and I would hope the word 'repurchase' in included in their vocabulary :)