Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Day of Summer and ... more plus

Longest Day (light) of the year?
Is that right?? I think so.
Fine with me :)
I don't like waking up in the light and/or going to bed in the light.
Since I normally am an early to bed and early to rise sort of person, the days getting shorter don't bother me in the least!


Not sure if we should be concerned with DollarMonster at this point. Yes, they did raise the cycle days, even on existing positions... and I do understand why they had to do that. I have one position just over the 5 days old that has not cycled yet. (more below)

Also, I did request a withdrawal at noon yesterday. So it's been almost 30 hrs. It's not been paid yet ** but they did say 24-36 hrs. for payments.
I dunno. Is it time to be concerned?
At this point I would just say ... Proceed with Caution.

** Just got paid so I have tripled my money. Good enough for now. I'll continue to reinvest so that others have the same opportunity. Sound good?

More: Sunday AM ... Received an Announcement that Cycling is back to 3 Days! Well that's really great but ... I still have a position dated 6/16 and two on 6/18 that have NOT cycled yet. Things that make you go Ummmm.

Sunday PM ... just cycled my position purchased on 6/16. I hope you do too.
I'm otta here for tonight. I'll try to catch up tomorrow.
CYA :))


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