Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let's just start a new one ...

That last page needs to be a standalone.
I can't clutter up that post with all this nonsense :)
So here we go ...


Someone mentioned to me (and not nicely either) that the reason I'm still cycling in 10DollarsWonder is because of my referral commissions.

Well guess what? Referral commissions DO NOT cycle you. They're just the buck you get when your referral buys a new spot. Then their new purchase cycles 70 others, but not necessarily you.

And Yes, I am still cycling. Not every day, and not on every position.
So let's look at that a little closer ...

I was just at the 10dw site and clicked on "cycled positions history". I went back 25 pages and still didn't completely see all that cycled on June 24th. Now, look at the column on the right side that says: # of times cycled.
If on that day he was able to cycle those who were waiting for cycle # 1 through 30 ... then my positions, next due for 50 plus, cannot and did not cycle.

Alright, maybe I'm putting too much thought into this but I've just started answering my emails and you folks got me thinking. Shame on you! haha!


Yay! Got all my gmail emails answered :)

Hey I got my US Government Stimulus Payment yesterday.
So to help stimulate the economy, I went and spent some money at the beer store. Every little bit helps eh? Cheers!


To those of you still promoting MySponsoredPosition ... tsk tsk tsk
I wrote to them again today about my missing purchase. Sent them my e-gold receipt. Will let you know. In the meantime, received this from a friend:

Hi Judy, just read your blogg about MSP, I'm afraid I think I know which way this one is going. About 2 hrs ago I mailed them my 4th email since Sat ( if you include 2 support tickets ) my last mail was quite abrupt and straight to the point, and what do you know?!! surprise surprise.....20mins ago I tried to log onto their site but it didn't recognize my password , username ...not even my email address. Now Judy have many years experience on the net....does this smell like fresh roses or raccoon s--t? So me lud ( english lawyer speak ) I therefor rest my case for the prosecution against all lower than snakes belly scammers........sorry I'm getting carried away now.

Speak soon Regards.....Brian"

PS, smells like raccoon sh** to me. What do YOU think?


Today is also Carly Simon's Birthday!
Happy Birthday Carly! Love your stuff :))


HermitJim said...

Blondie...don't worry about it. Folks are too concerned about this cycle thing and how soon and all that. I cycle and repurchase every week. My referrals do exactly the same thing. We are all making money, but we all remain active.

My advice...? If you like to make money, stay active. If you feel you are NOT making any money and are unhappy, get out! Simple.

I'd rather have my steady little profits and a worry free program, than be greedy and worry about getting taken for a ride! This program has shown to be steady, reliable, and profitable. What more could you ask?

Just my opinion...

blondie said...

Hey Jim!

I'm with you 100%

Funny too, I've not heard any complaints about "losing money" ... which means those folks are already in profit and just not satisfied that it's slowed down a bit?

Makes ya wonder, doesn't it?

Take care buddy,
blondie :))

Mattias said...

The cycle works very good.And if someone earns money on referral commission it either depends on the trust someone builds or good messages to their own downline:)

Keep the good writing up, Blondie!

blondie said...

Thanks Mattias,

Always enjoy it when you stop by and share your opinion :)


Mission Impossible said...

Thats pretty much it in a nutshell Blondie in a lot of cases. People want it cycling every day but put less and less then complaining about it slowing down.

Some have even drawn conclusions that since I was introduced as support was also when the cycling and things started slowing down pointing that must mean I have some control and fault for these things.

Im with you guys being happy with the opportunity to bring in a little extra. If it takes some input to see a real benefit then so be it, isnt that life?

Myrna said...

Fri am - Blondie - enjoyed this choice of Carly Simon.
I still like and put into 10dw.
Hope you had a good Thurs. all.