Saturday, June 14, 2008

Poo Dog & a Great Evening Update

Yep, I got Lou Dog aka Poo Dog for the weekend. And she was kind enough to wake me up at 4:10 AM to let me know she had to go potty.
So I walked her out back and she did her duty. Thank goodness none of the skunks were around. That would be bad :(


Just noticed something cool over at 10DollarsWonder ...

"6,037,017 times cycled in 203 days and no one is left behind."

That's a lot of frickin cycles, you know?
Well I'm really happy with this program and it's success. I continue to cycle quite often and usually 'review' my account once per week and make repurchases at that time. I still think this one will last a very very long time :)


Evening Update:
Do you recall me telling you on Thursday that in the old DollarMonster program I had a pending withdrawal (for about a year) for $143 bucks? Well Guess What? Tonight just before logging off, I checked my email and I GOT PAID!!!
Now that rocks! Nice to see they kept their word about the old pending payment. I'll bet I sleep good tonight :))


Let's simplify the new DollarMonster
First, it's a very basic cycler. It's a game and nothing more. Currently takes about 3 days to cycle, earning you 75% of your deposit.
So to make it easy, if you deposit $100, you'll have $175 when you cycle. (yes, I've used the bronze level as an example). Plus you earn 15% referral comm on your Level 1 folks AND an additional 5% referral comm on those they recruit (your level 2).

If you've played in DollarMonster before, contact your sponsor for their link.
Or feel free to sign-up from my link above. Even if I was your sponsor the last time, you must still sign-up Fresh from that link.


The Driven Rapid Wealth advertising and profit sharing program is doing great! I'm earning a little bit there daily along with a few 'fast cash' referral bonuses. It's a doubler, in the sense that each position you purchase is 'matured' when it doubles. So the more positions you have, the better for the long run.


John over at 9PlanetReviews posted a good note yesterday with more evidence that the site, (for a Web 2.0 Upgrade), could be a Scam. And I agree with him. I'm sure not going to give that guy any money. Go have a read for yourself.


One more thing before I forget ...
Thanks to those who have signed up for my Alert List. If you haven't yet, you can now from the link I just inserted.
My next alert will probably be when the new 10centclub opens. I don't want anyone to miss the excitement of getting back into the swing of things where e2ePay left off.

But I need to confess something right now.
Once I send an Alert from that email address ... I usually go back and check it for a couple days afterwards. Then I forget about it. So if you're sending me mail to that address, I may not answer very promptly. OK? Don't write me there for everyday stuff. I am really bad about checking it. Write to me at the address here at the top of my blog. I DO check my gmail account several times per day. And for those who don't want to cut n paste, its:
Phew. Confessions always feel good, don't they? ha!

See you later :))


Mattias said...

Hi Blondie!

I´m also a member in Driven Rapid Wealth.The earnings grows fast and I find it interesting with the advertising you get every time you purchase a new package.

An interesting program indeed!

Send greetings to your dog!

blondie said...

Hi Mattias,

Yeah, DRW is a nice set-up. And you get a lot for your money :)

Will say HI to the dog for you.

HermitJim said...

Hey a great idea for a movie! Lots of action, too! How about "Poo Dog meets the Kitties from Hell". Glad I don't have any skunks around here(at least, the 4 legged kind) cause these two would certainly want to explore and play with them. The thoughts of the clean-up are mind boggeling!

Good pic of Lou!

blondie said...

Hey my buddy Jim!
How the heck are ya?

I think Lou would have fun with the kitties from hell! She likes kitties, remember??
Well, maybe she wouldn't so much after meeting them :( hahaha

Thanks for keepin an eye on me :)