Sunday, June 1, 2008

Busy for a Sunday ... & the New Forum is OPEN !

UPDATE: The New Forum is Open !!!

It's called: Collective Investments Forum or CIF for short.

Feel free to check it out, get registered if you like and come back often. I'll be there every day, as well as here, and in mmg, and answering emails :)) Busy is good, right? a-ha!


As soon as I booted up this morning, I was contacted by the Admin of that New Forum I told you about.

He asked me to go ahead and sign up, which I did, then he upgraded me to Moderator :)

The site is still propagating in certain areas so although I can get in through AOL, I can't fully load it in FireFox (which I prefer to use).

So either tonight or tomorrow morning I'll be giving you all the link to the new forum. Should be a lot of fun and will also keep me busy and out-of-trouble. (yeah right) ha!


Hermit Jim has a new kitty update in his blog today. And I must say ... it's adorable!!! Go check it out if you're interested.


Someone in the MMG forum asked this question the other day about 10DollarsWonder. So here is the question and the answer from Admin:

QUOTE from the news update:
"The withdraw payout to STP will be limited to your STP purchases till 6/28/08."

Q: Does that mean that after the 28th of june we would be able to withdraw to STP regardless of which processor we used initially to purchase?

It meant that if you purchase $100 with STP, you can withdraw up to $100 with STP till 6/28. Then, you can continue to withdraw with STP after 6/28.
If you do not have STP purchases before 6/28, you may not be able to get paid by STP. If most members switch to STP, then you may be paid by STP even you did not buy used STP. Make sense?

Me: well, not sure if those last few words made total sense but I think (to be on the safe side), if you want to withdraw at some point through STP, go ahead and make a new purchase through STP before June 28th. Then you won't have to worry about it later. Right? OK, that's easy enough :))


One more thing then I gotta scoot ... No Date yet on the Opening of the New Replacement Site for e2ePay. He's got a lot of work to do on it and needs time to move us all over. So you'll know more as soon as I know more.


Gotta get outside and do some weed killing and watering.
Have a great day!


HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie Person...thanks for the plug about the kitties.always good to hear news about e2epay and 10DW...both are OK in my book!

Have fun weeding in the yard...and don't bother the neighbors, OK?

Just kidding

Myrna said...

Sunday and I am going to my grandchildren's dance recitall - so what a wonderful day !! Really.

I continue to support 10dollars wonder and purchased more positions. And thanks also to other that do. Give yourself a pat on the back !!

blondie said...

Jim, lol
Instant smile :)
That's too funny!

Thanks always for the support.
And have fun at that recital.


Manu said...

Hi Blondie, thank you for clarifying my question regarding the STP purchases. I would like to ask one more favor, but i will post it on the MMG forum.

Take care.