Thursday, June 26, 2008

I hate shopping ...

It don't matter if it's for clothes, shoes, gifts, food, beer or stuff for the house. I just don't like to shop. Or maybe I just don't like to go out? Spent way too many years having to go 'out' to work. Maybe I'm just rebelling now. hahaha


Is it just me or has WorldPassive / DollarMonster NOT sent out an update since June 23rd? Anybody cycling? Anybody got a withdrawal? oh-oh, just went to the site and I see they're at 7 days now. oops (hehehe) DO NOT JOIN!


Here's another DO NOT JOIN ... MySponsoredPosition aka MySponsoredCycler. They still have not credited my $20 to my account NOR have they answered my emails about it missing or being refunded. More detail was posted yesterday if you're interested.


Missi posted a good reply over at the CIF forum in the 10DollarsWonder thread. I won't copy it here, I'll let you go see for yourself. Thanks Missi :)

And my friend and I both cycled last night. We don't cycle every day like we used to, but that's ok. We're still making money, and I never turn down money.


My balance continues to grow daily over at DRW. I usually let it go until I get to 50 bucks or so. Then I buy a new Ad spot with my earnings and pull a little out for myself. I still like this one a lot. It's been a real nice addition to my 'portfolio' ha!


Will somebody please do a Rain Dance for me?
We need rain bad!!!
I'd ask js to do it, but he tells me the earth shakes when he runs (or dances) har!

And why oh why does everything remind me of a song???


HermitJim said...

Good morning Blondie person...I am bringing fresh coffee this morning! Blue berry muffins on the side.
Hey, I don't like going out either so I keep my trips to a minimum as well.

All things considered, a little money coming in and friends to chat with...what more could a person want? Maybe an endless supply of coffee?


Myrna said...

Mornin you two :
That was a very peppy song this am. Thanks.
I would share some rain with you as here we keep having sun - showers, sun - showers. And I do like going out so twice when I was on a busy street it was pouring and lightning so hard. What's with that?
Overcast for rain as I write.

Of course love cking the programs I am in and seeing some $$ coming in.
And knowing someone else is bringing in $$ too.

Have a good day now.

blondie said...

Hey Jim,
Maybe once you're in the desert you could grow your own coffee beans, like that Juan Valdez guy, lol
And don't forget to get the Mule.

Was the song too peppy for ya? Did you recognize it? It's Carole King.
Anyway, glad you're making a few bucks also. It sure helps keep us out of trouble eh?

Mattias said...

I was told by a german fellow that DRW must be a scam?? He thought it looked like a "get rich quick-scheme??" You must build that on the long term as 10 Dollars. I got his reply very shortly after I had been inviting him.To judge so fast, and without more knowledge is as dangerous as the ones who really send out fraud or scams!

I´m not afraid of false warnings, I only listen to warnings that are built on truth.

blondie said...

Hey Mattias,
How could DRW be a get rich quick scheme?!? That's really funny that he would think that.
And you're right, he judged way too fast without seeing how it worked.
Well that's OK and his loss.
I'm doing very well there and will continue it for as long as it's running.
Take care and thanks for stopping by,

Myrna said...

Blondie - the music - No I sure like it. Listened to it again this aft. Great.
And thanks.