Monday, June 2, 2008

Grumpy Monday :(

Hey there,

Had fun at the new Collective Investments Forum yesterday. Have you visited and/or registered yet? js was there last night and quite a few folks that I know from mmg are also working as Mod's. Makes it seem more 'homey', you know?

I do have a thread there for 10DollarsWonder (even though the Admin started it for me). Guess he was anxious, and he knew that I wanted to post it. Or maybe I just took too long to put it in. hehe Anyway, DO stop by and visit if you get a chance.
I think we'll have a lot of fun there! And let's get that 10dw thread full of good news!


Right in the middle of a stressed out period yesterday, Hermit Jim skyped me and starting asking questions about Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Rolls. It was perfect timing, (how did he know?), and he wrote about it today. Funny Guy!


Speaking of Jim ... how he is going to sleep in the desert is beyond me. It was 68 degrees F when I hit the hay last night. That was too hot for sleeping, so I put a fan in the window. Not just any fan! Dummy me had to pick an old clanking one that kept me awake half the night and gave me nightmares from the sounds. Geesh! So try to be nice to me today. And sorry if I seem a little bit grumpy :(


That's all for now folks.
I need Coffee ... bad!
Later :))


HermitJim said...

hey is the Hermit with your coffee to save the day! Sorry about you not being able to sleep but glad that I was in your thoughts! Don't forget that desert nights get pretty cool, even though the days may be hot! Jacket time at night, mostly!

You'll see when ya come to visit...


Myrna said...

Judy - oh oh - sorry you are having a different sort of day -butnot for long I'll bet.
Am off to read about 10dollars and good news.
Then have lots of beginning of month errands to do !!! Hope I beat the traffic.

blondie said...

Hey Jim,
Yes I did think of your desert when I was tossing and turning last night.
Thanks for the offer to visit.
Might have to give that some thought :)

You're always such a busy girl, I don't know how you do it! Have fun!

Mattias said...

Well, I must say that it´s a clear difference between a HYIP and 10DollarsWonder.10Dollars is good, but the most HYIP:s are scams.So we have to be aware of what programs we join.I´ve been in one of those HYIP:s and I must warn you for that kind of programs.For the most, they are scams.I don´t think I will join the new forum there, but here it´s good.

blondie said...

What I wrote about is not a HYIP. It's a Forum, much like the MMG forum. Folks can discuss programs, the pros and cons of them, and share their knowledge with others.
It's a good place for both newbies on the net and veterans.

Mattias said...

Ok, but I saw discussions down below about HYIP:s, not from you of course, but I just saw it.What you write is good this far:)

DRW has also declared that they are not a HYIP or MLM, just as a note.

blondie said...

Yes right.
DRW is an advertising / profit sharing program. I like them so far.
And we all know 10dw is not a hyip. It's a nice and steady income though. And the forum, just a forum.
Thanks for coming back and posting.

alvin said...

Hey judy!
Aldevine here,I read your blog all
the time.This is my first time leaving
a comment.Listen,I don"t know if anyone else has notice this,I made
a withdrawal from 10 dollar wonder
on the 28th of may an at that time
bought a new position.Ilog into my
acct. today and it"s saying and
showing that I"ve cycled 112 times
but there is no money showing that
amount of times that I cycled.Are
they not paying us until after june
8th do you think.

blondie said...

Hi Aldevine,
The withdrawals are on hold until June 5th. Maybe you did a repurchase with the money in your account?
That could be why there's no money in your available balance.
Send more detail to and I'll try to help you figure it out.
Thanks again for visiting my blog.
Judy :))