Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So What's New?

A few things I suppose.
I woke up again today to another new day.

Do you ever forget how old you are when you first wake up?
Then you see yourself in a mirror and freak out? hahaha


Anyway ... 10DollarsWonder has a new Update in the member area. Here are the new things I noticed ...

News update 06/17/08 - important clarifications

SolidTrustPay clarification:
You can make a withdraw payout to STP, only if you have purchases made from SolidTrustpay. Your withdrawals payout to STP will be limited to your total STP purchases till 9/31/08. If you do not have purchases made from STP, Your withdrawals to STP will be cancelled and credited back to your balance. You can make your withdraw again to a different processor.

Cycling clarification:
Our program is a business opportunity and not an investment. Your positions are cycled by new purchases and re-purchases. By meeting our minimum requirements will not result in a consistant cycling. To have a more consistant cycling, you must continue to maintain a higher percentage of purchases or/and re-purchases no matter the amount of your purchases.

Many members have no or very low percentage re-purchases or purchases last few months. Many of positions are now de-activated and cause the temporary cycling slow down on some positions. If your positions are de-activated, please do not panic. You can re-activate those positions by new purchases or re-purchases. We are not giving you a hard time. It is a way to have your attention to meet our minimum requirements. The cycling of those cycling slow down positions will improve when there is no or very few positions are de-activated.

emails reply improvement:
We have mainly focused on our system maintenance, payout processing and 10centclub set up. All emails sent prior 06/17/08 are now deleted. Please re-send your email again. To help us speed up processing your email request, please include your username in the subject line. "

Alrighty then.
I received my semi-monthly withdrawal last night. I realize this is a time consuming task for the Admin, so I only withdrawal twice per month. I know the money is there, and I like to let it build for awhile before requesting. Just a thought for others. And of course I do repurchases on a regular basis also. This is definitely my favorite long running program!!


Was a bit surprised this morning to see Carl Pearson (EasyChairClub) promoting the DollarMonster program that he sold a couple of years ago. Funny guy :) Oh well, I guess wherever you can make a buck, go for it.

I see the estimated cycles are 4 days now. And my $25 withdrawal is in pending. So we'll see how this goes. Maybe Carl will help get the pot stirring again, ha!


DRW Advertising & Profit Sharing is still rockin! I bought another new share and received another withdrawal yesterday, which was paid Instantly to my STP account. This one has turned out much better than I imagined it would. Nice Job Admin and Promoters :)


Off to check my gmail.
Back later if anything exciting happens.


HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...glad to see that as usual you sre on top of things. That's why I like to read your blog...and why you are my HERO!!
( now don't get a big head cause of that, ok?)Zorro is right behind ya in second place! lol!!

See ya

Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie, I want said that today I have cycled for $5.1 wwoooaauu
after 4 days.
I am happy and I hope that from now I will cycle all the days as always.-

blondie said...

Now you're really dating yourself Jim, lol
How about Roy Rogers & Dale Evans?
Or Superman? He's been around a long time too. Wonder what those old comic books sell for these days? Wish I had kept some of them. dang.
Thanks for stopping by :)

blondie said...

Hey dyjanko,

That is great news!!!

Thanks for coming back and letting us all know. Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know there were 31 days in September. Learn something new everyday. lol

blondie said...

Oh C'mon!
Give the guy a break!
He's been real busy helping us make money. Geesh!