Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gonna be a long day :( AND Update :)

Was up at 5:00 AM today to see 3 raccoons in the tree in my front yard.
They climbed down and left around 5:30, so I thought it would be safe to let the cat's out by 6:00
Next thing I know, 2 of the coons are back and up in the tree.
So I quickly went out and grabbed one of the cats that was watching them. Not sure where the other cat went... probably out in the field, mousing.
So I watched the two coons who stayed in the tree a bit longer ... and was wondering what was going on. I mean, the sun was up and raccoons are nocturnal.
Then the 3rd one comes back. She was the mama raccoon. As soon as the 2 small ones saw her, they scurried down the tree, nudged their Mom, and the three of them disappeared around the house.
They're sooooo cute!!!


Someone sent a comment here last night asking about DRW. They wanted to know if they bought more positions, would they earn / cycle on them faster?
I don't think so. Each position is a stand alone and collects a portion of the profit share daily.
For instance, a position I bought on April 15th has now earned $14.46. And the position I bought on June 19th has earned .66 cents so far.
So of course the more positions you have, you'll earn more daily just based on the number of positions. Did that make sense?


Surprisingly enough, my account at World Passive / Dollar Monster
has NOT been 'canceled' yet. I wonder why? ***
They canceled js's account yesterday for what he wrote to someone in a personal email. And yet, I posted crap about them here, and I'm still able to log in??? I guess no one has "ratted me out" yet, haha. I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

Good Luck to those of you who are playing and/or waiting on a cycle or withdrawal. I did have some funds available last night, so I did a re-purchase to help you all out. Cool :)

***Update: My account has been deactivated also. Tried to log in, and my password has been changed. Good ! One less headache for me :))


To the coward who keeps trying to post a negative comment here about 10DollarsWonder ... Dude!!! Write to me at my gmail account. I'd be happy to discuss 10dw with you and perhaps 'clue you in' as to why you may not be cycling. My address is: blondiejudy@gmail.com. Now how hard is that?!?

As for me, I continue to cycle and earn referral commissions damn near daily. So others must be cycling and earning also. I am still very happy with the program and have absolutely no reason to be otherwise.


Well I see NO movement over at MySponsoredPosition. My deposit from yesterday is NOT showing up yet. So I just wrote to them and asked for a Refund. I'll let you know if I receive it or not.
But in the meantime, I wouldn't participate here if I were you. Sorry that I jumped the gun yesterday before thoroughly checking them out. My bad :(


Hermit Jim ... I could use more coffee please. Thanks!

A lady just walked by with a Big Black German Shepherd dog. Didn't Jack LaLanne have a black shepherd who appeared on his TV show daily? Or was it white? Who remembers ???


You know what? Did I cover everything already?
Wow and it's still early.
That's what I get for waking up at 5 to watch raccoons!
See you later ;)


HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...more coffee on the way!! Cute story about the "coons". Ain't Mother Nature grand? If more of us would only take the time to stop and enjoy it...!

100% behind you about 10DollarsWonder. Making money for me...in fact, I repurchased today with my profits.

See ya later!


Sheila McLendon said...

I am still cycling and purchasing with
10DollarsWonder, as well. It takes patience as does a lot of things in this world...

thanks again for your insights,

Sheila McLendon

Mattias said...

Hmmmm, I have 58 referrals in 10Dollars, this good program.I also like DRW, but it´s very hard for me to get referrals to that program.Some has critized them for lack of contact info.I haven´t had problem with them, but a little info about who they are wouldn´t hurt.

js said...

Hey Blondie, gueess what? WorldPassive not only cancelled my account, but have not given me back even the money I put in there! And they told me in an email that they would give that money back.



blondie said...

Jim, Thanks for the coffee and comment, as always :)

Sheila, good to hear that also!

Mattias, I like both programs myself. Don't think I've ever needed to contact DRW. Their program has always run perfect for me.

Ohhhh shoot John!
Crooks they are then!!
Maybe you'll get it back soon. Keep us informed, would ya?

Thanks all for the posts you guys. Was having trouble getting in here earlier. Maybe cause I was listening to youtube.

Later :))

Bradley White said...

Thank god for your blog! I almost put money into MySponsoredPosition. Thank you again.

blondie said...

Hey Brad, Thanks!
I just feel bad that it was posted for a couple of hours before I got suspicious and did more investigating. Phew :(
Take care!

cody said...

May I know the DRW position U bought on Apr 15 is how much ($10, $15, etc) and the one on Jun19 is how much ? Then I can do some computation.

cody said...

js, give them sometime to refund your $50, say 1 week. If after 1 week still no refund, then you can saythey really r crocks. As U know, people will tackle the important things 1st and refunding is not that important issue to them vs fires they need to put out now...

meltcat said...

Did you take the pic of the baby raccoon? And other critters on here? If so, I'm thinking you have photographic talents that should be used much more often...

And,thanks for looking out for us,

blondie said...

I have 10 pos's now in DRW. They are all $10 positions.

I also mentioned to js to give them a few days for that refund. So we'll see.

Cat, No. I didn't take those pics. Just pulled them off the net. I have a disposable camera, lol


cody said...

Well, I guess $10 positions give you the best bang for your money. After all two $10 positions has twice the advertising power of one $20 position, right ? Wise move, Judy !