Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday News

My friend and yours, js of 9planetreviews now has his own forum within the forum over at CIF, and it's called: Ask js of, an expert on 'net scams Subforums

He has five different categories including Program Reviews, Health, Spiritual, Self Improvement and Jokes.

So if you have a program you'd like him to Review, stop by and ask his advice.
Remember though you must be a Registered Member to Post, so go do that now. Same applies if you just wanna stop by and say Hi :))


I also see that our favorite hermit, HermitJim is selling Healthy Coffee now. Boy, that's right up his alley eh?

You should probably go directly to his site and read all about it. There's a link there also if you want to make a purchase OR become a free affiliate.
I'm thinking about joining, but have not yet. And I don't want to spoil his fun on his first day of work. hahaha.

I used to drink and sell Ganoderma Coffee myself. It's actually pretty tasty once you get used to it. But at that time, I had to pay dearly for a website to promote, so I was eventually forced to give it up. OK, nuff about me. Read all about it in his blog.


Am waiting for a cycle to complete over at DollarMonster, then I might do a small withdrawal. I've been reinvesting all of my profit so far, but I think it's time to give myself a little reward. I deserve it, right?


Just a reminder to all about 10DollarsWonder.
You must stay active! And the more active you are, the better!
Please guys, don't forget the rules and don't let your positions become deactivated. And keep promoting, if that's what you do. The more happy members, the better for all of us. Here are the rules to refresh your memory:

To guarantee our program grows healthily, if you do not meet one of following minimum requirements within 30 days, your active positions will be deactivated without notice.
They are:
1. Purchase or re-purchase at least 1 new position every 30 days.
2. Or, sponsor at least 1 "paid" member every 30 days.
3. Or, sponsor at least 5 "free" members every 30 days. The "free" members must have valid Alertpay accounts and/or IP addresses that are different from yours.

If you allow your positions to become deactivated, the only way you can re-activate them is by making 1 new purchase or re-purchase for EACH deactivated position. Meaning if you have 10 positions that get deactivated, then you must purchase or re-purchase 10 positions to get them ALL active again. You can reactivate them one at a time, or all at once. Our advise is to take care of your business so that this does not happen to you. "


Before I forget ... I set up a new thread for Driven Rapid Wealth yesterday over at CIF. I put it in "Money Cyclers/Doublers" since it does eventually double your money on each Ad Share you buy. PS, I'm still doing great there!!


TGIF !!!


HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...thanks for the plug (snickker) and for the info about what's goning on at the new forum. I don't normally join forums, but I did join this one. I just have to remind myself from time to time that I'm in it!

Memory ain't as good as it once was about some things, ya know!


blondie said...

Oh yeah ... I know what you mean about the memory Jim, lol.

Thanks for the post and the snickker! Gives me a hankerin for a candy bar.
Later :))

js said...

Hey Jim, coffee affects memory. Hahahahaha!

well, good to see you profit from what you really like.... coffee!

Oh and blondie? Thanks for the plug too! Austin is going to post an announcement about my threads and move the whole sub-forum higher, so folks can see it more quickly (I suggested that to him a few minutes ago and he's going to do it).


blondie said...

Boy I'm just pluggin everybody today huh? lol

John, he already moved your forum up. I just checked.

Good Luck you Two!

Myrna said...

G'day Blondie, Hermit Jim and JS :
Yes - good luck to you all.
I registered in the newer forum - and I like the bright colors !! - now I have to figure out some things with using the forum.(I am having a coffee as I write !! and then water to dilute it !!)

Have a good Friday evening.

Mission Impossible said...

Goodmorning Blondie! The smell of coffee woke me up ...... and I followed it ....... all ..... the way ...... to ..... my computer? Hmmmm odd that. Great to see all is well.

blondie said...

Hi Myrna,
Glad you got registered OK.

Hey Missi,
Yep, everything is good :)
Hope all is well on your side of the earth as well.

Take care guys and thanks for stopping by!