Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14th and Counting

OK, so this was a giggle all the way through.
But I really liked the end ...
"Know Your Luxury"


NextGenProfits: I questioned something yesterday and asked the Admin:

Q: Once our initial spend "matures" at 100 days, what happens to the 'compounded' portion of it?
Does it keep running each day, until each days worth also reaches 100 days?

A: Blondie,
each deposit is active for 100 days. Every compounded portion is counted as a new deposit, and it also last 100 days.

Well that's good to know! I like it :)


Just bought a new share in NextGenMarket using my available cash balance. Remember that counts as a cashout now, and you can only have 3 cashouts per 7 day period. Just be prepared for that so there's no surprises.
And just got paid from there too :) Took 2 days since request but so what? He's no superman!


A member in our BunnyBumpGame created a splash page for it. It's really good and you can see it here. Thanks Linda :) Just remember to keep the advertising to those you know, ok?
Also just received payment from another of my positions in Phase 1 cycling through. YaY! Then bought a new spot in the game. Let's keep it moving :)


Received another payment from HYIFunds today also. I've lost count of the payments, which I guess is a good thing. So I've decided to just cash out for awhile now since I've built it up to a pretty good investment balance. Just realized I've been in this one for 4 months now. Nice.


I'm too pooped to participate any longer today.
Got plenty of sleep but not sure it was sound sleep.
Oh well, there's always tomorrow. See ya :)



Randy said...

Thanks for the video. I always liked the Kinks.

And it is appropriate today and tomorrow.

Guess we will just have to enjoy the great weather, even if we don't have any money to spend.

Have a great tomorrow!

blondie said...

Awww Randy :(

Got that golf fever eh?

Well do enjoy the weather while you wait. I'm sure you'll be able to scrape up a buck soon.

Later :)