Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Funeral for a Friend

more at the bottom.


- Still having fun with the Gifting Program and trying to sort things out. Link on the right for Life Prosperity Club if you're interested. I've gotten 5 of my 6 needed payments (downline) so far. Once I receive the 6th, then it's on to Round 2. Ding ding ding.

- Hydro-Funds is doing great. Will be requesting another withdraw later today.

- The two NextGen's (market and profits) are running perfect, as normal :)
I heard NextGenMarket has reached 2,000 members. Kudos!

- Got paid yesterday from XanaduRiches, but I'm not banking on this one. You know why.

- Pete's working hard for us to bring Team Cash Cow up to where she should be. And once she starts producing milk, well you know. Milk does the body good ;)


It makes me sad to tell you this, but I need to.
When I got up this morning, saw a little skunk in the middle of my yard. The sun was up and he was just laying there. I knew right away it was the little guy I've seen during the past week barely walking (more like crawling) to find food and water. He was either hurt, sick or maybe just old... I don't really know. But as I watched the Animal Control lady wrap him up and take him away, of course I had a lump in my throat.
RIP to one of my Little Friends.


HermitJim said...

Sorry to hear of your furry friend's passing. Always a sad thing when we lose one of them!

blondie said...

Yeah most people would think I'm nuts being sad over a skunk. But they don't know how sweet they can be either.
Thanks Jim :)
I knew you'd understand.

Will B said...

Hi Blondie, we don't have skunks in this part of the world (Ireland), but I know that most animals respond to love and affection and from what I read in your blog, you give them plenty. I know you'll miss your little friend.
On another note I've just joined and upgraded in Hydro under you. Enjoy the little bit of commission!
Will b.

blondie said...

No skunks in Ireland?
I didn't know that.
They really are cute even though they have a bad reputation. They're always nice to me.

Thanks for joining Hydro under me too.
I promise to make good use of the RC.
Will add to it now and put in back in to help the program and members.

Thanks for stopping by.
It's been awhile since I've heard from you.
Later (wave)
PS, sorry for the late post and response. Somehow the 'comment' ended up in my bulk mail. sheesh :(