Thursday, April 8, 2010

From the makers of NextGenMarket come NextGenProfits.

So today is day one, aka launch day for this little guy.
As soon as I saw the email from Witold this morning, I went ahead and logged into my account and made my first spend. If you are in NextGenMarket, your user info is the same and has already been saved for you. Just login and go :)

Nice little HYIP where the minimum deposit is $10 and depending on the amount you invest, you can earn 2%, 2.5% or 3% daily until you reach the max in your level, and all levels run for 100 days (which I think are business days.) I'll know more after the weekend, lol

Now what got me excited was the compound feature. I usually don't read the FAQs unless I have a problem and need a quick fix. But I did notice the compound feature and set it to 100% for now*. Am anxious to see how this will work out in the long run.
*Changed my mind on the compound. I don't have enough to invest to make it worthwhile. So will watch how it goes and decide my strategy later.

I'll keep you updated on my progress of course.

Am boiling potatoes at the moment so need to keep an eye on those. BRB
OK potato salad is made and chillin in the fridge :)


Got Paid from NextGenMarket this morning AND we're still earning 6% Daily. Now.. will that % stay up there since he launched the new one? Hard to say but the lowest it can be is 2%, so no complaints here.


The Bunny Bump Game sent out a good update and provided us with a couple of promotional emails to use. Remember no spamming and no posting in traffic exchangers or forums. Here's one of them:

Watch Spring Blossom with CASH in your Pocket!

The Bunny Bump Game is a fast, fun, and affordable way to HOP into $$$$$$$

It's time to share with family and friends so we all have a reason to celebrate this spring season and look forward to having extra money in the HOT summer months ahead!!

Each spot cost $5.00 so purchase at least 10 and you'll be entered into the contest of the week, which will always offer more cash and extra spots in the game. This also gives more cash ( a WIN WIN ) so hurry and get in now be one of the bunnies that are hopping into the cash.

Put it on your face book page, your blog, your answering machine wherever your family and friends find you. Let them find the opportunity to Bunny Bump and get $$$$$$ in a short amount of time with a small out put and many many special weekly contest.

Don't delay your success! Our strategy means everyone can see a payday each week as we have reentries built in the game and the money won't STOP when we get the bunnies to HOP!

Here is the Bunny Bump Phase & Pay Structure on each phase every time someone cycles.

Phase 1 - Entry fee: $5.00 Per Position / Cashout Amount: $10.00 / Re Entries: 1

Phase 2 - Entry fee: $10.00 Per Position / Cashout Amount: $20.00 / Re Entries: 2

Phase 3 - Entry fee: $25.00 Per Position / Cashout Amount: $50.00 / Re Entries: 4

Phase 4 - Entry fee: $50.00 Per Position / Cashout Amount: $100.00 / Re Entries: 8

Phase 5 - Entry fee: $100.00 Per Position / Cashout Amount: $200.00 / Re Entries: 16

Phase 6 - Entry fee: $250.00 Per Position / Cashout Amount: $500.00 / Re Entries: 32

Phase 7 - Entry fee: $500.00 Per Position / Cashout Amount: $2,000.00 / Re Entries: 64

The Bunny Bump Game Blog:

PS, we don't receive any referral commissions on those who join. It's all about team work. Where it asks you in the form who referred you, please put Judy Morrison or Blondie and that you saw it at Blondies Blog. Thanks!


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