Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a brief update today

Sorry I missed posting yesterday. Was busy cleaning house all day for a family member visit that starts tonight. So let me see what's in my head today before I finish up with the house.


NextGenProfits Admin Witold wrote back to me about my missing referral. He said there's definitely NOT a script error and we couldn't pinpoint how my ref. got misplaced. I did suggest to him to add a line that says "Referred By" on the registration form. He thought that was a good idea and will ask his programmer to get it done. Voila!
Also I purchased another spot for myself using a different pay processor.


NextGenMarket is now at 78 days paying 6% the entire time!
I made a new purchase there yesterday as well to replace one of my spots that expired at 150% payout. Great job Wit! Thanks :)


HYIFunds ... added outside funds to HYIF yesterday and withdrew a little too. This is another of those programs that if you had just known when you joined that it would last so long ..... oh well, at least I DID join and happy that I did!


Pete's been working hard on his Team Cash Cow project/program (link on the right). I've got my 3 ref's on my first line (and 1 on my second) but only 2 have joined the Final Matrix and paid so far. Please if you're going to join, be prepared to make that spend, else you'll eventually be replaced and lose your spot in the matrix. Cool.


The Bunny Bump Game
is a blast! There's constantly new members coming into our Team and meeting them on the Skype Chat room is fun too. Remember this one is only $5 (per spot via AP) for a chance to make a LOT more. I hate quoting futuristic numbers so I'll just leave it at that for now, LOL


Peeked out the window yesterday to see if any of my Squirrel friends were waiting for their daily peanut fix. Nope, no squirrels but look who showed up for a visit .....

AND what is it with Men and the Remote Control?
They gotta sleep with the darn things now? haha

All of a sudden I have this craving for Lasagna.
Wonder what's up with that? hehe


Myrna said...

Blondie : Good thing company comes now and then aye !!!!
And I like your cat picture - looks comfy.

blondie said...

Myrna honestly, I hate cleaning.
Walking around and picking up dust is the biggest waste of time that we are sometimes forced to do. If I knew I wouldn't choke on my own dust balls, I might never clean again, LOL

Anyway the Cat has the right idea.
Might have to join him soon.
Later (wave)