Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving Right Along :)

Hooked up with Pete last night and got myself all settled into Team Cash Cow and The Final Matrix. Even got my first referral in the Team, thanks Robert! And another just now .. my Motown buddy Greg :) I think Pete's got the right idea here. Anxious to see it's progress.
Also Pete works during the day and so does the Final Matrix guy (I believe). They're both online in the evening though, EST. So if you don't hear from them right away, they'll get to you ASAP. Cool?


Got PAID today from The Bunny Bump Game. That would be my 2nd position in phase 1. I see most of the team members are purchasing new spots as they get paid out. Good idea and it'll keep the game moving along.
UPDATE: I just purchased 2 more spots also. YaY!


The Prosperity Game
is doing good too, but it'll take awhile before I see any cash results. It's all good .. I know I'm in good hands in the Team.


Had some problems surfing in NextGenMarket today. Kept getting stuck and I had to re-login over and over. Maybe that's why I have a pending payment since yesterday. I'll give the Admin the benefit of the doubt since I've never had a problem before. Could be something wacked out on his end. I'll update more when I know more. Or maybe I did something wrong in my request? oops Guess I should check that out.
UPDATE: Admins been busy with other things and will be doing the payments very soon. I knew not to worry but he's got us so spoiled that when the cookie isn't included in our lunch, we wonder why. LOL


Added a few more bucks to HYIFunds with my profit. Forgot to tell you I got paid from them a couple of days ago. I usually wait till it's a decent amount to cash out (not just cents) .. but that's just me :)


I am no longer involved in List-Zilla in any way, shape or form.


The new HYIP I hinted about earlier should be launching before too long. I know the Admin wanted to wait till after the holiday and needed to be sure he had all his ducks in a row. Maybe I'll send an Alert out when that happens. Haven't done an Alert for a long time so this may be one.


Hey! I think I've got time to get into Turbo Tax today.

Wish me Luck !!!



Randy said...


Good luck with the Turbo. I finalized mine today and of course filled out my extention...again!!

Hope it worked well for you.

Happy Wednesday.


blondie said...

An extension to Pay? Oh No!

Well I keep coming up $500 off, no matter what I do. I keep looking but can't figure out where I goofed. Once I find it, I can file.

I do everything last minute, lol
Later :))