Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sun on a Sun day

Yes, the rain and snow is gone and we're back to sunshine :)
I'll be out this afternoon (if anyone tries to reach me, but can't).
Look for me again tomorrow, OK?


Was just helping a couple of folks get set-up in the gifting program I wrote about yesterday. If something is unclear, give me a holler and we can chat about it sometime tomorrow.


Was paid my first payout request from Hydro-Funds while I slept. Always fun to wake up to money :)


Made 2 withdrawal requests from XanaduRiches today also. I'll let you know when those come through.
**Paid about 2 hours after request :)


And I am pretty sure HYIFunds is toast. No payments have been made since they ran their cycler on the 21st. What a dumb way to go out. Oh well, it lasted longer than most, so farewell. Banner removed. RIP. blah blah blah



Myrna's adventures said...

Thanks for your help with Nextgenmarket... let's hope it keeps on keeping on !!

blondie said...

No problem at all Myrna.
Glad I could help.
Have a great week!