Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today's The Day

If you live in the good ole U.S. of A., today is your final tax filing day.

So are you done?
Are you getting a refund?
Or are you still trying to pull a rabbit out of your hat?

Well good luck to you all.
Mine is done and filed. Whew!


Was thinking about something just now. Those of you who are 'playing' in HYIFunds and enjoying that 1+% daily return, really ought to take a look at NextGenProfits. It's return is a set 2%, 2.5% or 3% daily (business days), and although your spend does mature after 100 days, each spend (even compounded ones) are treated separately. The way I'm looking at it, if you play your cards right, (compound a little, then cash out a little), this could be a really good investment for the long run. So take another peek at it, if you haven't already.
PS, let me know if you join. The "referred by" has not been added yet and I'd hate to lose anyone because of that. Thanks :)
PPS, if you're already a member of NextGenMarket, you can just sign into NGProfits using the same ID and password. Also meaning, you can't have 2 different sponsors. (Not my favorite feature, but oh well).


While I was out grocery shopping on Tuesday, I saw someone that I hadn't seen in almost 30 years. No not an old lover or anything juicy like that, LOL. Just a guy who always worked on Sundays at the grocery store I used to shop at.

My first thought when I saw him was "wow, you got old". Then had to laugh at myself because I'm old now too. Hey you either accept the extra pounds and the lighter hair color, or you don't. You know?
In any case, he recognized me too and said Hello to me like I was an old friend ... so I guess I haven't changed that much either!

Anyway, here's a funky mix of "old friends" and "still crazy" I found just now. You may recognize some of these folks, or all of them if you're as old as me :) Enjoy!


Gord said...

Hi Judy,

We have until April 30th here in Canada to juggle those numbers. Years ago back in Newfoundland, there was an old fella' used to claim his horse as a dependant..SIN number and the whole works. It was a few years before they caught
No kidding!


blondie said...

Oh that's funny Gord!

Wonder if should claim my cats and skunks and raccoons and squirrels and cows and .......
I'd get a fortune back for all those dependents! LOL

Glad you stopped by to check up on me.
Later (wave)

AussieLady said...

Your tax years are for calender years, right? Jan-Dec? Ours is July to June, got the papers ready but not game to lodge until May :)
I had a friend who used to claim his dog as a watch dog. Took many years and two dogs until they questioned him about it. He was a shift worker and had miniature fox terriers lol But they guarded the house. He told them if anyone came to the front door they would bark their head off. Also explained that his house had never been broken into. He never paid back taxes so I assume he got away with it, mind you he probably never claimed them again.

Laters, always a plesant visit here Blondie. Your humor makes my day.

blondie said...

Hi AL,
Yes, our tax years are calendar years.

Loved the Fox Terrier story too. I'll bet they could be good little watch dogs .. bite your ankles till they bleed, lol

Glad you enjoy my weird sense of humor. Usually just say whats on my mind.

Have a g'day!!