Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Cow!

An email was sent out to all GNI members recently and was a short one this time.

I am impressed that they're continuing their refund process and all that BUT did you read about the new program they're working on?

It will be totally private and shares will be $1,000 each. WHAT?

Now if I had made 40 or 50K in the original GNI, I would be more than happy to invest in their new one ... but I didn't.

So Good Luck to those of you who decide to take the plunge.
I just can't scrape up that kind of dough without going homeless.


Doing my surfing right now at NextGenMarket which continues to kick out 6% daily!
Can't help but notice folks who joined in Jan-Feb and never bought in. If they had, at 6% daily x 70 days .. well you do the math, but isn't that over 300% profit?
It's just hard to know ahead of time which of these programs will last that long, ya know? Glad this one did! :)


Was chatting to someone yesterday about HYIFunds. Now this one is definitely not a get rich quick program by any means. But I'll tell you what, it's helped me make that little extra I needed to play in other fast cash programs along the way.
Just remember, whatever you invest does not come back in one big chunk. Your investment is spent and you will earn a daily % on that amount. It's been paying a little over 1% per day since I've been in, which is Dec 13th. So in roughly 90 days you've earned your spend back and the rest is gravy.
Referral commissions are a modest 5% and only paid when your referral purchases using outside funds. If they purchase from "available balance" (which they can do), you don't receive it on that.
This is actually a good Starter Program for those interested in HYIP's. They are still giving everyone $2.50 to get you started, then in order to cash out, you only need to invest $1 (or $5 if using Alert Pay).
In all this time, I don't think anyone's had a problem being paid. Pretty amazing actually.


Time for me to check on the Bunny chat.
You know what I'm talking about, right?

OK I'm back :)
The Bunny Bump Game is doing great. Our toolbox is being worked on AND that is where you can now see your "placement" for upcoming payouts. Not all of you are listed yet so don't freak out if you don't see your name. You will be shown later.
For more info on The Bunny Bump Game, see this post.
And remember, no advertising in Traffic Exchanges or Forums. This is a more personal kind of game for our friends, family, co-workers or neighbors that could use a helping hand.




Phoenix14 said...

Hi Blondie, thanks so much for opening my eyes to HYIfund. I joined in late December and am now in profit! That's a rare feat right now so I am grateful.

blondie said...

Hey You're Welcome :)
I know it takes time and I'm glad this one is still working just like it was when I started also.
Am lovin it myself, LOL
Later (wave)