Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Cow

Yes there's a new Cow on the block.
I'll be back in a bit to tell you about it.
Sometimes I just get ahead of myself, ya know?

OK ... this morning I joined "Team Cash Cow"

Now I've been in matrices before, and I've been in team builds before, and can honestly say I wasn't all that impressed with either one.
BUT when I saw Pete (aka Pete the Canadian) doing a team build for The Final Matrix, I decided it was time to get off my high horse and 'go where no man has gone before', LOL

Pete has done a great job putting this site together for the team build. As you can see, I already grabbed the small banner to use here. There's a lot more in there to choose from if you decide to join.

The purpose of Team Cash Cow is to put 3 referrals in your downline. Now of course, you should be promoting yourself as well, but Pete has it set up so that it's not just the guy at the top making all the money.

Hey I like the idea ;)
When someone joins me in a program, I get as happy about them making money as I do myself. That's what makes this business worth while, you know?

The compensation is $15 for each member placed on your first level, $5 on your second and going back up to $10 on your third level.

The website Pete has developed is professional and definitely worthy of a look which provides a detailed explanation about the Matrix setup.

Now don't join just to kick the tires. You can't do that. Be ready to pay if you decide this is for you.
And you know of course I will be reporting on it from now on.

I'm currently waiting for Pete to send my link to join under in The Final Matrix. Once he does that .. I'm off and running! YaY!


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