Friday, April 30, 2010

The Prosperity Game and more ...

Just read a really good update from The Prosperity Game that I'd like to share with you. Here's an excerpt from a general update to the Team:

"Well yesterdays 4 hour meeting with William went very well.
Mostly we reviewed the boards for all of us and went over the strategy that we are using in placing members. We are at the top in the US.
What is happening now is that our group is passing other groups which gives us the advantage of utilizing the other groups new members on our board.

Kimberly: So for example when I only needed two peeps to cash out sdbiz, that is because international members were on her board and helped us push her through. So, we are on the right track, once we
move Shirley and Irene we should really see movement.

The second part of our meeting was about the $40.00 auto supply. I was very surprised to see members move off the $40.00 onto the $75.00 without us doing any work. William has mixed us into the international team. So those members are pushing us through. I am waiting to hear from Ania to see when we can have access to the server, she is suppose to contact me. That will be great because I will be able to take snapshots of all the boards for us and send them to you at your request.

In conclusion, we are right where we need to be in order to push to the higher boards. We will continue to advertise our group and our blog for this very strong team and opportunity. The higher boards are international and have much higher payouts. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming months!"

Thanks to Susan and Kimberly for putting the above details together for us :)

Well I'm sure looking forward to my money making more money!
And without really lifting a finger. (big smile)


OK so what else is good today?

- Got paid from Hydro-Funds and bought myself a new position there also! Kev's doing a wonderful job and he's sure fun in the MMG forum thread. You should visit sometime and check it out. (PS, he didn't want me to call him "Al", even though I found that cool Paul Simon song for him) LOL

- Have all 6 of my "givers" now in LifeProsperityClub. Gord (my first referral) wrote to me today to let me know that I'm helping to fill his matrix with my readers. How cool is that? Hey, we're one big team here as far as I'm concerned. Anyone who joins from my link will be placed under someone below me, in our group. Thumbs Up!

- One of my positions expired in NextGenMarket soooooo I bought a replacement for it. Noticed a little whining in the forum today from folks waiting on payments. Well you know, the guy is running two sites now so if it takes him 24-48 hours or more to send our payment, no big deal. That's just my feeling of course.

- Ahhhh the weekend is upon us, which means no daily profits at NextGenProfits again until Monday. That's OK. It'll give me 2 days to decide about compounding vs. cash out for the upcoming week.


Almost forgot .. someone invited me to LOL I don't think so. I vaguely remember Roger Miller's past programs. I'll definitely pass on this one too.


XanaduRiches is having some kind of 6$ give-away for Active members tomorrow. Well, I'll still be active tomorrow until I cash out that is. But I've gotta wonder, what's behind this sudden act of kindness? Yeah, I'll think about it and am sure you will too.
**Nevermind. Just got an email that said they changed the 'rules' around it after telling us what it would be. Not very impressed with that.


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