Friday, April 23, 2010

TGIF and ...............

HYIFunds: hope you guys have been cashing out all along.
They ran a cycler 2 days ago, and since then hardly anyone's been paid. I myself have 3 pendings now. So I won't say it's over yet, but this is not normal for them. Don't put any money in right now.


Out With The Old and In With The New ...

Do you remember me showing you Hydro-Funds a few days ago?
Ummm maybe not. I joined it late in the day and perhaps you had already been here and gone. In any case, it sure is getting a LOT of support from the MMG members who have know Kevan (Alzander) for a long time & some of them are already maxed out! That says a lot, ya know?

To refresh your memory:

- 7% daily for 18 days (no surfing)
- Daily payments
- 5% referral bonus (active members only)
- Min spend 3$ / max 500$
- Pay processors: STP, SP and LR

I just had the opportunity to "chat" with Kevan also. What a nice guy! From what he said, and from what I read on the site, he's sure got the right ideas here to keep this one going. I would run it the same way if it were mine, lol

I am # 117 in the program if you decide to join. If some other number shows, please clear your browsers cookies then try it again. Much appreciated :))


It's raining raining raining here. Rained all day yesterday, will rain all day today, will turn to SNOW tonight, and will rain again tomorrow. Looks like the next time I'll see the Sunshine will be Sunday. Fine with me. The grass is growing now and could really use the good soaking. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.


Speaking of clearing browser cookies ... I just checked NextGenProfits and noticed the referrer's name is still not available when you Register. Witold said he'd get that added, and I'm sure he will. But I still can't figure out how one of my friends got misdirected when he joined.. since my page was the only one he viewed. Sounds fishy, doesn't it? Not the Admin's fault at all, he likes me ;) I'm thinking deeper than that.


OK back to Hydro-Funds: Kevan aka Alzander, hard to remember.

How about we just call him Al ?


js said...

Use the cookie dropping method I taught you for this one.


Randy V said...

Thanks Judy. I always liked that song and really enjoy the version with Chevy Chase. It brought a big smile!


blondie said...

John I lost the notes. They're in the other room somewhere. I'll find them sooner or later.

Randy, glad you enjoyed the video.
It's such a crack up, even all these years later.

dorothy said...

I joined Genius fund and lost my money, all that I have, it is a big shame. I do not trust any program again, majority of them are liars. (

blondie said...

Sorry to hear that Dorothy, about Genius Funds. I never did play in that one myself.

I try to find out as much as I can about programs and their Admins. And if things don't feel right, I try to avoid.

But I've gotten caught in the 'cross fire' also. No one is perfect and no one can predict how these programs will continue or end.

Take care :)