Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cold and Rainy Saturday

Very quiet here today too.

Regarding the "G" program I mentioned yesterday ...
The website should be up and running by Monday, so I'm holding off doing anything until things are clear and concise and we can see more of what's happening. So once again, stay tuned :)


Got paid again from HYIFunds while I was messing around with this video.


Someone just mentioned to me, being "in cognito". And since I have this new pair of reading glasses that I bought at Walgreens from their "clearance" shelf ... made me think of this song. Hey if nothing else, the video is good for a laugh. I mean Holy Cow! Look at this guys pants, LOL

NO Don't take my glasses! I just bought them!
And I need to see what I'm doing here! Sheesh!

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