Monday, April 12, 2010

Spamming in Blog Comments

That is one of the reasons I monitor and have to approve comments here. I don't allow spamming in my blog. Even if someone introduces themselves first, so what? There are better ways to advertise than to spam blogs. Don't you agree?

The reason I brought this up is because our BunnyBumpGame blog site got spammed. What kind of fool would do something like that? Anyway I told Trevor about it and there are NO comments allowed there now. If you guys have questions about BBG, ask me, ask your sponsor, we will get your answers. OK?

Also I got PAID this morning from BBG for my 3rd position in phase one. Once paid, I went ahead and bought a new spot in the game to keep it moving. Nice way to start a Monday :)


Speaking of payments, I requested one today from NextGenMarket . This will be my 18th payment from them and it's still kicking out that 6% daily. Just amazing!

Don't forget about NextGenProfits also. It just launched a few days ago and pays between 2% - 3% daily (business days only and depending on the plan you choose) for 100 days. I have 2 spends there now and am compounding 100% of my earnings to build it up a little before I withdraw. Feeling confident about it.

Oh and if you are already a member of NextGenMarket, your same username and password have been transferred over to NextGenProfits for you. Just sign in and go go go :))


The Geese are back in my front yard again today.
Wonder what they're looking for?


Requested payment from HYIFunds today also. Should be coming to my inbox soon.


Team Cash Cow ... seems we were getting too many Lookie Loo's* joining the team. Pete the Admin is now requesting a $10 membership fee for those who wish to join Team Cash Cow. Then, once you've joined and paid into The Final Matrix ($33), your $10 membership fee to Cash Cow will be refunded.
Definition: Agents call lookie loos "time wasters." Lookie loos are people who often masquerade as buyers but have no real intention of ever buying.
Sounds fair to me and should stop the tire kickers in their tracks.


One more thing ... my friend who will be starting up the New HYIP ran into some problems with the crediting of referrals into the program. And since referrals and commissions are a very important part of this business, he's taking the necessary time to get it right before launching. I'll keep you posted on it.


Off to double check my tax numbers one last time before I e-file.
Hey if you gotta pay taxes, might as well find some humor in it.
These guys are pretty funny :)


Pete said...

"Lookie Loos"...I like it! Call them what you want, they all end up doing the same thing. Hopefully this "nips it in the bud". Thanks for updating your readers ;)


blondie said...

Hey you're very welcome Pete.
I agree something needed to be done.
Glad you took the initiative.
Thanks for stopping by also.
Nice to have you here.
Later :)