Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where Did It Go?!?

Just went to check XanaduRiches and it's a parked site?!?
Holy crap! Where did it go?
Well either the Admin is having a problem with it or it was a fast cash grab from the get go. I'll try again later and see if it comes back. Can I cuss now or should I wait a while?

OK it seems to be a problem on my end / their end / somebodies end, LOL. Just read that it could be blocking certain IPs and someone was able to get in using a proxy. Well I'll try it again and see what happens.

** Several hours later (after getting frustrated and having my friend surf for me) ... it's back!!! Was able to load the site, log in, check my stuff .. the whole 9 yards! And I just got PAID from yesterdays request too. Yippee!


I'm slow today. Been here since early but my laptop keeps locking up. So I'm going to leave my skype off while I do my regular surfing and stuff. Look for me there a little later.


Our Gifting Program should go Live later this afternoon or this evening. They're trying to complete their list of members and will supply us with our own ID's for promoting and sponsoring. I don't have my own ID yet either so don't feel left out. We will hopefully be receiving a Welcome email from the company soon.
If not, we can write to them with our information and they'll get us listed.


@Seaguy: thought I've seen you in MMG Forum. No? Then maybe I'm confused. (sorry, I don't post comments with all those program names in there)


Forgot why I came back here, LOL

- Oh yeah, got paid today from HYIFunds ... again!

- Nice surfing at NextGenMarket which is still paying 6% daily!

- Good member growth over at NextGenProfits too. I'm still compounding so no payouts for awhile.


Alrighty then ... Hydro-Funds. New banner on the right :)
Guess it's that time of year for things to pick up again, TG!
Happened to be catching up on my blog reading and noticed this one. Run by a guy named Kevan who is better know to me as "Alzander" in the MMG forum. He's always been real helpful and polite to me, and has been a member (in mmg) for a really long time. So I do trust that he'll give us "his all" for the new program.

It is a HYIP
7% x 18 days - Min spend 3$
Only 1 plan to choose from, no decisions other than how much to invest
Your 7% earning will appear each 24 hours after purchase
You can cash out when you have 1$ min
You can cash out 3 times per day total
Pay processors are STP, LR and SP
5% referral comm's for those who like to share
Currently a $500 limit max upgrade per account

OK if I missed anything important, you can probably find it in the FAQs.
Happy Non-Surfing :))


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