Monday, April 19, 2010

"Things To Do Today" List

I seem to have a really long list of Things to do Today.
So I'm going to tackle them one by one and share as I check them off, OK?


Just set up a new thread in MMG for Team Cash Cow.
Pete and I discussed it before and he's decided it's time. I told him I'll keep my paddle handy for those who get out of line, LOL, but I'm sure it won't be necessary. Check it out if you like.


Need to go do my own stuff right now.
Been in emails and chat rooms all morning.

- Forgot to mention I was paid from NextGenMarket yesterday!
Sure has been like Old Faithful all this time.

- Off to check my stats in NextGenProfits also. They're both looking good from where I sit, and Witold is doing a superb job with these.


Received a few emails about the Gifting Program I've been telling you about. I'm pretty sure it's a GO so I've sent out more info to those who asked to be in. And I'm also helping my referrals get referrals via our Team Build. Cool?

Just got word to stop promoting again :(
Seems the entire team needs to fill some gaps before any more are placed. Kinda reminds of Jimmy Durante ... should I stay or should I go? over and over and over!!!!!
So I'm not saying another word until this is all settled.
Hopefully things will be happier in the next day or two. sheesh!


To hold me over during my waiting period ... decided to spend some money elsewhere, lol

Just joined Xanadu Riches (new banner over on the right).
My sponsor did a great job writing this one up, and it's late, and I'm tired, and my back hurts, so will borrow from him. (thanks Gord, you ole Canuck you :)

"A new hybrid program - Advertising / Investment program!

Choose between a SURF or NON SURFING plans!

Plan A: 18.33% daily x 6 days -
110% total (surf 6 per day, cash out on exp).

Plan B: 9.76% daily x 13 days -
127% total (surf 6 per day, cash out daily)

Plan C: 3% daily
(until you cash out - no surfing - max 360 days)

Ref Comm: 13%, 2 Levels (11% & 2%)

Accepting: AP, STP, LR, SP, PM

Seems the Admin is know to some and a Canuck like me..
Clay Jason.

So.this is the first day, the optimum time to invest and
like Jackie Gleason used to say.."and...away we go!""

And I'm off and running to Xanadu :)))


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