Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fools Day

Happy April Fools Day Everyone!

You know, when I went searching for an April 1st pic and ran across this one, I looked at it and looked at it ... hmmm That sure looks like somebody I know.

Didn't take me long to "recognize" the fella.
(please don't shoot me Gord)

See the resemblance? LOL


Well I went into gmail today from a different computer and all the writing was in some foreign language. I wonder if that's googles way of saying Happy April Fools Day to me?


So other than the above giggles, everything's going good today.

- Our Bunny Bump Game started out great and keeps getting bigger.

- NextGenMarket is still paying 6% daily.

- HYIFunds just keeps rockin and rollin. (ps, thanks to whoever put in that big chunk of money. I really appreciate the RC on that one :)

I got nothin else to talk about right now. Still got my head buried in my tax stuff. And I can't figure out how to load and print my STP in's and out's for last year. They have an "export to excel" option in history, but when I try that, it just downloads a blank page in word pad. Go figure :(

So have a fun day and don't play too many tricks on each other!
Later :)



Gord said...

Hi Judy,

Good One!

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Some where...some

Thanks..been a tough week


blondie said...

Was hoping to bring a smile to your face today. Sounds like it did .. at least a little bit.

Hope things get better soon.

naphtali said...

ok I'm lost. How do you get status on the Bunny Game? I got a couple emails from Trevor, but no account info.

Profit Hub said...

Ha ha! I like those pics Blondie! BTW, thanks for introducing me to the Prosperity Game and Bunny Bump Game.

blondie said...

Greg, Trevor sent out the link to the BBG toolbox. In there is a link to the BBG forum. I'm sure once things get rolling the "status" will be there. OK?
If you didn't get the link, gmail me.

Hey Gwen :)
Aren't those pics a hoot? LOL
I'm glad you're in both also. YaY!

Happy Friday you two.