Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Waited Too Long

I waited too long to write here today, and now I can't seem to put a sentence together that makes any sense, lol

The Gifting Program I tried to tell you about is finally starting to take shape now. I do have my own site where I can login and check my records of upline and downline, and promote my own link. Now I already have the necessary 2 referrals so anyone else coming in through my link should be sent to a downline member of our team.

I'm running out of time fast today so let me show you the program and we can chat about it later. There's also a team chat in skype for this one. Once you're in, I'll definitely invite you to the group.

To make a long story short, the name of this program is
Life Prosperity Club or DebtFreeLifeStyle (same thing).

It is a gifting program and for a one-time 3$ admin fee, you will get your own replicated site. Then all you do is pay your two upline members (6$ each) and promote a little to get your two downline.
Alert Pay is our preferred pay processor. Don't worry about the PayPal link on the site.

In any case, instead of me trying to explain it all to you, go ahead and read the site. It's pretty straight forward and hopefully makes sense to you.
Oh and you don't need to worry about that Monthly Auto-ship link. They will be removing that shortly.


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