Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday !!

Joined a Gifting program last night. Trying to figure out what to do next since it doesn't seem to be automated at all. So when my sponsor comes around, and I get myself moving, I'll tell you about it then.
UPDATE: Looks like the program will be automated soon. That'll make life a lot easier for us. Stay tuned.


You guys remember Bux-Matrix?
I wrote to them to delete my account cause I was tired of all the 'solo-ads', but couldn't remember my password. James was nice enough to write back and tell me that I had some funds in my account. Really? How cool is that? So I asked him how to "cash-out" and the next thing I know, I got 9 bucks in my Alert Pay!! How's that for honesty?


Got Paid Today from HYIFunds :)

Requested payments from both the NextGen programs.
- Mid afternoon, got paid to AP from NextGenProfits.
- An hour later, got paid to STP from NextGenProfits.
We're on a roll, LOL


Today's my "off" day.
I'm really tired but need to go out.
C'ya in a bit (wave)


Randy said...

Hey Judy;

I just joined a gifting program too yesterday. Hope its not the same one. The cost of this one is really low so that is a plus. I've lost money in them before but the cost was much more.

Keep me posted.

Have a great weekend!

blondie said...

OK which Randy is this?
Sorry but I've got 2 of you now, lol

This one is only $15 one time.
I joined a 'team' for it, but not sure if it's the right team for me.

I will keep you posted.
Thanks :)

Randy said...

Hey Judy;

Its know...Randy!!!


Your golfing buddy from Arkansas!!

Mine was $4 plus 4 stamps...whatever that is. It doesn't sound like it would mount up but it does...if people will follow through.

Let me know more about what you have. I can send you what I have if you want it.

Talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are now joining Gifting Programs, I'm on quite a few, ranging from $25 to $500. Last week alone I made more than a thousand dollars :-)


blondie said...

OK Randy aka RV, lol

Sorry about that but I just finished answering an email from another Randy, then saw this blog comment. Kinda threw me for a loop, ya know?

Sure, send me your info about the gifting program you're in. Four bucks sounds good :)


Hey Seaguy,

Nice of you to stop by here.
I do see you quite a bit in another place.
Hope we both do well in these. Sounds like you are already. Congrats !!

Later guys :)

Ledon said...

Hi blondie,

decided to play in the HYIP so look for my signup

blondie said...

Hi Ledon (wave)

They don't show us "names" in HYIF unless we ask for them.
Or did you mean in the NextGenProfits HYIP?

I'll look for you.
Thanks a bunch!