Friday, May 14, 2010

TGIF, Updates & Raccoons

Update from Hydro-Funds: (updates are good, they keep us informed :)
Hydro-funds has been paying 25 days now as fast as i can. There comes a time that payouts just cant happens as fast as they have been. Mistakes are being made with double payments ect.

The time scale for LR payouts will need to be increased.
I shall still do my best to keep them coming as fast as i feel that i can handle them.

Multiple requests to the same pp daily needs to be addressed.
If you have multiple upgrades via one pp please let all ur upgrades earn for that day then request.
You dont need to use all 3 withdrawals.
I know i allow 3 withdrawals daily but it was really for the members who use all 3 pp's to be fair all round.
Now if it continues in the manner it has over the last 3 days then 1 of 2 things will happen

#1 I will reduce the number of withdrawal ur allowed Or instead of payouts within 1 hour -12 hour time frame
It will resort in waiting the full 72 hours as stated in FAQ.

Think about it before you withdraw !!!!!!!!!!

Also withdrawals under $2.00 is making pament list huge . So as of now the min withdraw will be $2.00.

Dont worry if your upgrade expires and you dont have enough in ur account for the min withdraw either upgrade again or send me a support mail and i will pay you and remove from your balance.

Hydro has a Alexa 81,752 and member base of 723 and thats down to you guys.
Lets all work together and grow together.


Update from RockSolidFunds:
At last Goldcoders have made the site secure and we are back to normal, Liberty reserve and Perfect Money are now safe to use, thanks for you patience in this, I now have to check all those who invested with LR to see who and how much we have had stolen. Some accounts have been deleted so if you have a down line please tell them that if they cant log in to contact via the contact form. I will answer as soon as possible and pay out as fast as I can later.
Regards Tony

***Well the site is down right now. I won't share details but Tony is working on either a new hosting service or just moving to a new server. What a roller coaster here eh? I'll try to keep you posted.


Reminder to STAY AWAY from FastHourly. Been getting spammed like crazy for it and it's the programmer crook (from RockSolid) who's behind it (stole our email addresses and our money). So don't go there! FastHourly that is. RockSolidFund is doing just fine :)


You guys ever seen this commercial?

The other night I put some cat food out and saw a little face behind the bushes. "Hi Kitty Kitty .. come get some food." So I set the bowl down, went in the house, shut the glass door, turned around and saw a Raccoon face looking at me through the glass. Maybe I need some new eye glasses too, lol


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