Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

Yep, it snowed last night. Check the webcam (weather) link on the right if you don't believe me :)


Still waiting for a 125x125 banner*** for RockSolidFund. In the meantime, I did request 2 cash outs yesterday and was paid within the hour for both.
Also note that the 4% or 5% Daily is paid 7 days a week for 30 days.
Just heard that Login's are problematic right now. Sit tight if you're having trouble. It's being worked on.
***Got a banner. It's on the right. YaY!


Hydro-Funds is doing awesome! The Admin mentioned yesterday that quite a few members played one round and never came back. Hit n Runners? Well OK. I guess they'd rather go lose their money in some other program, and that's fine. He also mentioned that for "every member that goes, another comes in the door, so onwards and upwards" were his words.
I personally have several positions there now and as they complete, will continue buying more. Kevan's been one of the best Admin's I've seen in a long time so there is no reason to stop doing what I'm doing.


HighYieldInvesmentFunds ... just re-opened for business. Too bad they didn't communicate to us the problems they say they were having and have now zeroed out all of our balances.
So, if you want to play, you have to start fresh by adding new spends.
Is it just me or does that NOT sound fair especially for those who put money in and never got any out?!? Even if it was only a buck or five ... still kinda erks me.
Well my link is still live but I don't think I'll be posting it.


MMG Forum has been up and down for me all day today. So it's not just you. Sit tight. Hang loose. Whatever works for you.



naphtali said...

Hi Judy did you get the email from HYIFunds? Let us know what you think. Snow in May hmmmmm.... sounds like Michigan weather to me.

blondie said...

Yeah was just deciding what I think :D
I'll write about it in a sec.
Thanks for the heads up.