Thursday, May 27, 2010

Full Moon Thursday

Feeling kind of serious today.
Maybe cause it's a full moon day.
Do full moons have that effect on you?

I guess I could google it but I don't really care that much. Just another day in the life here, you know.

So continue reading at your own risk, lol


While looking at my Team Ca$h Cow stats today ... noticed that my referral #2 needs one more ref of his own in order to Upgrade to Level 2, and be in profit also. Then once my 3rd person gets their 3, I'll be upgrading to Level 3 and be in more profit. YaY!!

Also noticed the highest day of clicks to My TCC site were Monday, the day I did my Alert. Well that's good to know ... means folks are actually reading the emails I send to them ;)
But hardly anyone joined, and that puzzles me.

Would folks rather put umpteen bucks into a program where they don't know who the Admin is, don't know where it's located, and don't know if they're going to get scammed or not? Ummm maybe. Maybe some just like the thrill of it all and would rather take the chance of losing.

Well I can't speak for them but I sure kick myself in the ass every time I lose money. Especially after the big promotions go out, and you're told how you can make a million dollars from a 10$ spend. Well, I don't fall for that very often anymore. Been there, done that, you know?
And the popular bloggers or email promoters who promote anything and everything are the worst. But don't get me started on that, lol. I've learned who to trust and who not to trust. Unfortunately I learned the hard way but it was a good lesson and one I'll remember.

With that said, I'm running late now. Need to get moving and do more planting before it gets too hot here. I'll try to come back in a happier mood, OK? Maybe the sunshine will cheer me up :) Thanks for listening.


Just came back to Edit my Post and noticed that this is my 900th Post! Holy Cow!


Before I forget, I signed up for this almost a month ago and from what I hear, things are getting really close to blasting off now. I am not a sponsor in it, only a member... so I'm going to send you to my friend JS's blog page to read about it, sign up and get more information. Below is what he wrote today and here's the link to his Blog. Good Luck to all of us :))

  • Health Benefit Card: well it's going really well. Added 11 folks yesterday and will do the same or more today. And I hear rumors that the debit health card, first batch, will be going out soon! Woohoo! That will surely help all of you that need to lessen the stress from rent, food, job, and so on, by having an extra $500 a week. Would it not? I mean.... shucks. And why are "they" doing this? Because a certain amount of folks are wealthy, are not happy like the rest of us, with what's going on with this World, and are willing to inject money into the Economy, but starting at the bottom, where it is needed! Once folks are less stressed put about a roof over their heads, food, all the basic needs? They will contribute to the Economy. Simple as that. On the other hand, folks who are poor, sick, tired, and done? Are a burden on society. Hence this programme. Do it.

    Send an e-mail to (visit John's blog for the link)

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